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ASSANGE: Is There Proof That DOJ Plea Deal Was Naked Political Partisanship?

Julian Assange is a free man... we are just now learning the details

We’re supposed to believe that this was all about how seriously Biden’s DOJ takes these national security issues. But the facts tell a different story.

If the partisans in Biden’s DOJ (and previous administrations) REALLY cared about national security issues, we would NOT have seen Julian Assange getting a harsher treatment from law enforcement than Brendon (‘Chelsea’) Manning, the American who leaked to Assange in the first place.

Assange has spent years as a prisoner, despite the precedent set by the Pentagon papers, fighting extradition while Manning has been strutting in his high heels for years now as a free man.

The same could be said for others who misused classified information: Reality Winner, James Comey, Hillary Clinton, and a certain forgetful old man who spends his weekends at a beach in Rehoboth.

But as of this week, Assange is a free man. There was a plea deal involving a guilty plea. But that was only PART of the arrangement.

Claims are that another part of the arrangement is that Wikileaks specifically involving the DNC get wiped.

The DNC.

Seems strangely specific, no? Files from 14 years ago need to be wiped for security reasons?

How true are these claims? Hard to say, but we do have this to go by:

Although as they say, ‘the internet is forever’, (if you know where to look).

The story here isn’t the deletion of emails.

It’s whether the DOJ officially sees itself as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party? Because if it does, America has got a problem on its hands. A big one that is not easily sorted out.

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