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In NYC, Biden’s Gun Policy Is Direct In Conflict with His Border Policy

While Joe's own Surgeon General is slamming LEGAL gun owners... this happens

Joe Biden ran on a ‘Soul of America’ return to normalcy platform. But the policies as they are actually lived out show a very different reality.

Guns and immigration: epic policy fails of the Biden administration

Joe Biden has a lot of bluster for these topics, but precious little substance. But now in New York, the problems he’s been turning a blind eye to have come back to double-team him.

First: Joe’s record on guns and violence

Joe Biden’s Surgeon General just declared gun violence a ‘public health emergency’. That fits well with his party’s increasingly devout anti-2A branding.

If, by ‘health emergency’, he meant rampant shootings in places like Chicago that are so bad that specialized websites created an actual ‘shot clock’ for how many hours and minutes the city goes between shootings…

…places where the death rates are so high that murder closure rate is less than one of every four homicides…

…then maybe we can agree that yes, there’s a problem.

In reality, most of those killings are NOT generated from the kind of legal gun ownership that Joe Biden and his Democrats are so damned desperate to crack down on.

You might almost interpret their coordinated silence on this crime problem as indifference to what a military commander in wartime would describe as ‘acceptable losses’. But this isn’t war, and the innocent people being caught up in these killings are not soldiers who signed up to risk their lives. The same people who shouted ‘Black Lives Matter’ when they could point a finger at complaints about policing have fallen strangely silent when blame cannot be laid at the feet of a designated political bad guy.

But ‘Joe cares’. Or so we’re told.

He’s Mr. ‘Soul of America’. Ask him, he’ll tell you.

Second: Immigration

You can ask Joe if he ‘cares’, just don’t ask him about what happened to those fifty missing ISIS terrorists still missing of the 400 his administration let into the country. (Those are the ones we KNOW about. God alone knows how many have paid Cartels the premium to help them cross the border during one of the planned migrant surges designed to keep authorities occupied while the real bad guys slip in undetected.)

On top of that, we’ve seen a growing string of violence perpetrated against American citizens — including unspeakable acts of violence against women and children — with the men responsible coming from some of the countries where Biden has been actively encouraging illegal immigrants.

It just so happens that many of those countries that are flooding America with young men are the same ones that have been establishing a gangland presence in states and cities those particular gangs did not have a presence in until Biden’s Border changes.

(Worth noting: Hidden camera from within the Biden Administration has recently admitted there is an explicit goal of flooding America with foreigners whose political bents are NOT the same as multi-generational American families.

New York: Double trouble… the worlds collide

In New York, we now have the worst of both worlds.

Venezuelan gangs are smuggling their illicit guns into migrant shelters.

As if some of those shelters weren’t already dangerous de facto no-go zones that even the NYPD took their lives in their hands by visiting in small numbers.

Now we’ve got an illegal immigrant gang member dropping a dime on what’s really been going on in those shelters, including how gangs have been slipping guns past security.

A migrant accused of shooting two NYPD officers claimed a vicious Venezuelan gang has been smuggling guns into city-run shelters by stuffing them infood delivery bags, prosecutors revealed Wednesday.

Bernardo Raul Castro Mata, 19, will be placed in protective custody after his explosive accusations against the notorious Tren de Aragua gang during a Queens criminal court hearing.

Mata admitted in hospital-bed confessions that he’s a gang member who two fellow Tren de Aragua goons tapped to commit robberies, according to audio recordings read by prosecutors.

He told cops he worked for DoorDash, and received the gun he used to shoot police from a friend who had stashed it in a bag – a scheme that gang members used to get weapons past security at taxpayer-funded migrant shelters, prosecutors said. —NYPost

As a guy accused of shooting two cops… he might know a thing or two about gun use in the gangs.

For years, the left has derided Trump for saying that many of the people (but not all) motivated to come here illegally are NOT coming to America with honest intent to live as good citizens in their new home.

He called them ‘Bad Hombres’. They claimed that was ‘racist’. But looking at the string of murders, rapes, gangland crime and drunk driving deaths even in recent news, it’s hard to say he’s wrong on the facts here.

Especially with crime rates falling off a cliff in the countries these illegals have been coming from.

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