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BIDEN’S AMERICA: Violent Pro-Palestine Mob Swarms Jewish Neighborhood (VIDEO)

Would Joe say THIS mob had 'bulging veins' like that OTHER anti-jewish one he talks about?

If violent racial swarmings like this one were exact rationale Biden gave for why Americans should vote for him — why are they getting worse?

Anti-Jewish violence driven by pro-Hamas agitators bankrolled by Billionaire Democrat donors, and emboldened by wave after wave of such agitators being let go without meaningful consequences continues to sweep the nation.

This time, an angry mob descended on a synogogue in one of the largest Jewish communities in America.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, a Democrat, described a violent clash between anti-Israel agitators and Israel supporters as “abhorrent” on social media late Sunday night.
The violence began shortly before noon on Sunday in front of the Adas Torah synagogue in the 9000 block of Pico Boulevard.
“Today’s violence in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood today was abhorrent, and blocking access to a place of worship is unacceptable,” Bass wrote late Sunday night on X. — FoxNews

Local news describes the attack this way:

“It’s mayhem,” wrote a resident of Los Angeles’ Pico-Robertson neighborhood, a predominantly Jewish community that experienced an outbreak of violence on Sunday afternoon, June 23 as anti-Israel demonstrators descended on the area.
Social media and Citizen video along with firsthand reports describe a melee that combusted outside of Adas Torah Synagogue on the 9000 block of West Pico Boulevard following a morning procession of demonstrators carrying Palestinian flags and wearing keffiyehs. One video shows a brutal beating of a women in the middle the street. Another records an observer being pepper sprayed. Some of the protesters also purportedly wore symbols affiliated with terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah and many had their faces covered with masks and scarves.
Calls for violence against Jews extended to nearby streets, and while there was a police presence, many report that the officers were told to stand down and not intervene. — LA Magazine

Even reporters are being targeted:

And women:

If crowds of locals hadn’t gathered together to defend some of the local shops, there is no telling how far this violence might have escalated.

The only arrest made was that day was for one guy whose flag had a spike in it, making it a prohibited weapon.

Of the many lies Joe Biden likes to tell the public, one of his go-to standards was that Charlottesville was the reason he decided America needed him as president.

As we all remember, there was a protest in Charlottesville. An ordinary First-Amendment protest about whether to keep Civil War statutes quickly spiraled out of control, attracting fringe outside agitators from rival factions. The groups were not kept apart. It degraded into factional violence between black-bloc protesters on the activist left and a handful of agitators, and one person was crushed under a car. The young man responsible has since been convicted.

That is NOT the only angry protest we have seen since that day spilling into violence. Nor is it the only one that has resulted in someone’s death.

The BLM riots left a trail of violence, injury, and even death it its wake, but that wasn’t a concern to Joe Biden.

With the clashes between Jews and pro-Palestine leftists of various stripe and affiliation, there has already been one fatality… so it’s already risen at least to the level Joe might claim Charlottesville had risen to.

Biden could direct his DOJ to throw everything they’ve got at pro-Hamas protesters who break the law. But he won’t, any more than he will direct them to chase down the pro-abortion church vandals.

Alvin Bragg just now withdrew the charges for a whole lot of the ones who had taken over a campus.

As already mentioned, Joe CAN’T put an end to these attacks. They are funded by his own donors… and they are already leveraging their power against him with ‘Genocide Joe’ chants.

His foreign policy is proof enough that he’s buckling to the pressure. He went from claims that he would be a steadfast ally of Israel after their version of 9/11 to throwing wrenches into the sale of weapons to Israel. He has even called for regime change — not of places like Iran or Venezuela that are run by criminal despots, but of Israel, a country that just had a free and fair election.

Strangely, Joe hasn’t crushed the anti-Israel voices we saw in Charlottesville. He has fused the worst of those two movements into a single violent cohesive whole… and he dares not oppose it too strongly for fear of losing critical votes from his base.

Notice how HIS base are the Jew-haters that must not be opposed.

That’s not what the narrative would tell us, but then, the narrative is a lie.

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Wes Walker

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