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Now Even SNOPES Is Debunking Biden’s Favorite Slander Against Trump

It's what everyone on the right has known for years as the 'very fine people hoax'

Before it became fashionable for the leftwing media to push this lie, even THEY knew the truth of what was really said that day.

As we keep reminding our readers, that ‘very fine people’ line was given in answer to a question asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta. Before it was weaponized against him, Jim Acosta understood that he did NOT say what they said he did. In fact, Jim Acosta tweeted something about Trump on that very same weekend:

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The claim was the foundational claim and cornerstone of Joe’s run against Trump… featured prominently in the video that dropped on the day he announced his run.

The ‘bulging veins’ reference is a recurring theme in his angry denunciations of Trump and MAGA as somehow ‘dangerous’ to America.

Like so many other things Joe Biden tells us… this is a lie.

And finally, even SCOPES is admitting it’s a lie.

Well, sort of. They’re trying to reframe it as true by saying there were no fine people on the ‘keep the statue’ side. But which march do they assume Trump means in this half-retraction. There was the after-dark tiki torch march, but there was a daylight one organized by locals too.

Will Joe apologize to America for lying? Of course not.

Will Trump hold his feet to the fire for manipulating the emotions of the public because he has no policy to offer as an alternative?

One can hope so… but who knows?

Chances are, one of the moderators will quickly change the subject.

That’s where people like our readers come in to set the story straight. Sure would be a shame if everyone started seeing that Acosta tweet again, wouldn’t it?

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Wes Walker

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