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Disabled Woman Evicted From Senior’s Home For Sharing Christian Faith… Heads To Court

The ACLJ is taking up her case

Have you notice how any demonstration that aligns with the left’s flavor of the month can be shared loudly and proudly… but ‘offensive’ dissenting voices need to shut up and go away?

Looting buildings and setting police cars on fire is the kind of thing a future vice president will help raise bail money for, but attending church in a pandemic will get you arrested.

Civic statues commemorating Presidents can be defaced with impunity, depictions of revered religious figures in churches can be vandalized or broken, but if someone mars with paint or even tire marks a quasi-religious political message painted on a freaking STREET — whether that defaced message is BLM or Pride — that’s a hate crime.

See a pattern emerging here?

Pro-life and pro-abortion venues are BOTH protected by the FACE act, but we’ve got SWAT teams showing up at the door or peaceful pro-life protesters while the Jane’s Revenge domestic terrorist group that specifically mobilized its members to vandalism and property destruction while promising to escalate from firebombing to violence if they didn’t get their way… we’re not seeing prosecutions. These attacks happened ‘at night’ you see.

The anti-christian rhetoric is being ramped up, and not just among the universities and elected democrats. Now we’re seeing religious bigotry becoming normalized in ordinary life.

At first, it was the ‘make the gay wedding cake or else’ crowd.

But now…? With the eviction of a disabled elderly woman who exercised her 1st Amendment freedoms of speech and religion… we’re moving into more mainstream examples of actual religious persecution.

Since the law forbids discrimination on any basis, including religion, this case is headed to court.

The ACLJ explains how the initial effort to resolve it amicably (which the plaintiffs thought had been successful) resulted in a sudden change on the retirement home’s part to open hostility the following day:

Our client, Jocelyn Harris, has severe medical disabilities; she is legally blind, rides a mobility scooter, and is on regular dialysis for kidney treatments. She also receives Section 8 housing assistance. Ever since she started living at her apartment complex, owned by Lindy Property Management, Jocelyn has placed religious tracts in the common area for people to be able to take freely. These religious tracts communicate her religious faith and invite people to visit her church. This common area consists of a community table where pamphlets, flyers, business cards, and other personal materials are regularly available for people to share. Sharing these Bible tracts is an important part of her faith, particularly as many of her fellow residents have no way to attend church and have expressed gratituted to her for sharing these Bible tracts with them.
When she was ordered to stop sharing her faith, we sent a demand letter on Jocelyn’s behalf, demanding that her religious liberty rights be protected and that she be allowed to exercise the privileges that every member of the housing complex has and not be singled out for her religious faith.
In every other circumstance where we have been helping other residents of senior living facilities, the facility has responded by acknowledging our clients’ rights and agreeing to change its conduct. At first, we thought that would occur here. Soon after sending our demand letter, we received a call on Monday, June 3, from Lindy’s lawyer saying that our client could exercise her rights again and freely share her tracts. We considered the matter resolved. But then the very next day, in what can only be described as unlawful retaliation for exercising her constitutional rights, our client received notice that she is being evicted. Our client was told that she has only 30 days to resolve a supposed debt that her landlord is seeking against her. In circumstances like Jocelyn’s – where she faces severe health challenges – such an eviction poses insurmountable difficulties and challenges. —ACLJ

Jocelyn is legally blind, on dialysis, requires a mobility scooter… and STILL has more moxy that most Christians half her age.

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