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Biden’s Bad Week Gets Worse… Alleged Perjury Lands Delaware Documents Case Back In The News

Judicial Watch is quietly doing the work the FBI was supposed to be doing

For years, Judicial Watch has been trying to get access to the trove of documents Joe Biden has squirreled away in Delaware. But judges ruled it non-responsive to FOIA… until NOW, anyway.

Today, that case goes back before the court. That’s because Special Counsel Hur’s report was in conflict with important under-oath testimony the judge used to decide in favor of NOT giving access to the Biden documents being stored in Delaware.

In July 2020, Judicial Watch filed the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit for the records, which are housed at the university’s library (Judicial Watch Inc. and The Daily Caller News Foundation v. DE Department of Justice and University of Delaware (No. N20A-07-001 CEB)).

In July 2023 the Delaware Supreme Court sided with the university, denying the release of the records because the university stated to the courts that no tax dollars were used to manage them.

On February 5, 2024, Hur released his report on the scandal. It calls into question the representations by the university that no state tax dollars were used to manage the papers, which Hur also found to have contained unlawfully retained classified information.

In its petition to reopen the case, Judicial Watch argues:

The [university’s affidavit] provides, in relevant part, that no consideration was paid to President Biden, “State funded or otherwise,” in connection with the Senatorial Papers. To the contrary, the Special Counsel Report found that “Mr. Biden asked two of his former longtime Senate staffers to review his boxes in courtesy storage,” and that “[t]he staffers were paid by the University of Delaware to perform the pre-gift review….”

“The Hur report revelations are absolutely stunning,” said Michael Bastasch, editor-in-chief for the Daily Caller News Foundation. “The University of Delaware has some serious explaining to do.” — Judicial Watch

The problem with standing on the moral high ground and throwing mud at all your enemies, is that it is such a very long way down when you slip.

For a guy who quite clearly made his fortune by selling political favors to shady folks from around the world — just like a couple of OTHER Democrats are CURRENTLY under investigation for — this mantle more moral decency that Joe Biden has taken up could well be what turns the public against him when the full truth does come up.

Biden wanted ‘a legacy’? Be careful what you ask for!

He’s already more notorious than Carter for his ineptitude.
Next, he’s on track to overtake Nixon for most heinous examples of the misuse of his office.
And if Tara Reade finally gets her day in court…? That’s a whole OTHER level of infamy he’ll have to deal with.

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