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HARD NUMBERS: What Biden’s America Spends On Our Military Vs. Illegal Immigrants

Gazillion-dollar budget numbers mean nothing until you have reference points for context

These numbers are bad news for Biden. They get even worse when you break down the spending to specific branches. And it doesn’t even account for how Joe has plundered the VA to cover medical expenses for people who aren’t supposed to be here.

Joe Biden makes a BIG show about how much HE loves the military while repeating debunked lies to ‘prove’ Trump does NOT.

We need not take Biden’s word for it. We can see where his priorities are the old fashioned-way: look at his spending priorities.

First: illegal immigration

With somewhere around 10 million people pouring over our border since Joe took office, most of them unable to provide for themselves, how much has illegal immigration cost us overall?

It’s important to remember that it’s not just the Federal government feeling the brunt of this added burden… State and local governments have costs to absorb, too. Even little things like increased staffing for schools add to the cost municipalities will have to carry.

Schools, for example:

Last year a congressional report that revealed the cost of illegal immigration is greater than the annual gross domestic product of 15 states disclosed that nearly four million illegal aliens attend public schools around that country and most receive special services for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) costing American taxpayers nearly $59 billion. New York City alone is spending around $440 million to educate about 11,500 illegal aliens who will likely remain in the system for years to come. Laughably, at last week’s K-12 congressional hearing only one witness—from the National Council of La Raza—testified that the nation’s education system actually benefits from the influx of illegal immigrants. Her name is Amalia Chamorro, education policy director at the leftist nonprofit. “In our nation’s schools, immigrant students are a significant asset in their classrooms,” Chamorro testified. “They are known for their resilience, grit, and problem-solving skills, which are critical for 21st -century learning. In fact, research shows that immigrant students have such a high level of motivation to succeed and learn, they contribute to positive classroom environments that benefit all students.” — Judicial Watch

Congress came out with a number in March. (That number is subject to future revision as other variables are considered and added in.) The Federation For American Immigration Reform crunched those numbers and came out with some conclusions of their own:

  • At the start of 2023, the net cost of illegal immigration for the United States – at the federal, state, and local levels – was at least $150.7 billion.
  • FAIR arrived at this number by subtracting the tax revenue paid by illegal aliens – just under $32 billion – from the gross negative economic impact of illegal immigration, $182 billion.
  • In 2017, the estimated net cost of illegal migration was approximately $116 billion. In just 5 years, the cost to Americans has increased by nearly $35 billion.
  • Illegal immigration costs each American taxpayer $1,156 per year ($957 after factoring in taxes paid by illegal aliens).
  • Each illegal alien or U.S.-born child of illegal aliens costs the U.S. $8,776 annually.
  • Evidence shows that tax payments by illegal aliens cover only around a sixth of the costs they create at all levels in this country.
  • A large percentage of illegal aliens who work in the underground economy frequently avoid paying any income tax at all.
  • Many illegal aliens actually receive a net cash profit through refundable tax credit programs.

Here are two helpful graphics to help wrap your head around the figures.

What is the FEDERAL government spending on Illegal Immigration?

If we want an apples-to-apples spending comparison for other federal priorities, it’s only fair to isolate what’s coming out of federal coffers from the rest.

The approximately $66.4 billion in federal expenditures attributable to illegal aliens is staggering, and constitutes an increase of 45 percent since 2017. This amounts to roughly $3,187 per illegal alien, per year. — FAIR US

Keep that number in mind. Now we’re going to compare it to Joe’s OTHER priorities.

Next, military spending

Joe Biden loves the military. Just ask him. He’ll tell you. He’ll talk your ear off about his son Beau. Did you know he ‘died in Afghanistan’ or something? Never got around to recognizing he family of the fallen at Abby Gate in the Kabul disaster, but that’s another matter.

We’re looking at his spending. Here’s a handy headline.

President Joe Biden has signed the Fiscal 2023 National Defense Authorization Act into law allotting $816.7 billion to the Defense Department. — Defense (dot) Gov

That is the global number for federal spending, not just boots-on-the-ground and ships-at-sea stuff. CBO provided a handy infographic on its website:

Defense is the light green bar to the right of ‘total outlays’.

That means federal spending for illegal immigrants is between seven and eight percent of the ENTIRE military budget.

The Navy, in 2023, had a total budget of $230 Billion.”
The Army, in 2023, had a total budget of $200.3 Billion
The Marines, in 2023, had a total projected budget of $9.661 Billion

Joe Biden’s federal government spent about SEVEN TIMES as much on illegal aliens as it did on funding the Marines.

He’s also sent upwards of $44 Billion to Ukraine since that war started.

And with his aggressive deficit spending, we’re paying more and more of our money to rich creditors just to make the ‘minimum payments’ on the national credit card, so to speak. That profligate spending (and the interest it spawns as a bill that comes due) is eating up more and more of our tax revenue every year, with no sign of slowing.

Joe Biden’s time in office highlighted in red on this graphic from Visual Capitalist:

But Joe loves the military. Just ask him.

He’ll tell you.
He’ll tell you anything you want to hear, so long as it helps his re-election chances.

He just has a zillion other things he’d rather spend taxpayer money on.

Joe’s spending priorities, unlike the man himself, can’t lie.

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