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News Clash

LMAO: Network News Shoots Down Little Dick Durban’s Attempt At Smearing SCOTUS

Amid coordinated activist efforts to discredit SCOTUS, CBS wasn't playing ball

Dems aren’t even hiding it anymore: with the first Conservative court in generations standing in their way they are itching for a reason to stack the court with Democrat appointees.

After a string of complaints about Clarence Thomas (and others), a refusal to enforce the Federal Law prohibiting protests outside the private homes or offices of sitting judges (including the 9 SCOTUS justices) despite a man having been arrested in an assassination plot, while alleging any criticism against Bragg or Merchan somehow endangers the rule of law, and a childishly stupid flag flap with the Alitos, they have turned their attention back to Thomas.

After a drumbeat of pressure (and insinuations of alleged wrongdoing) Clarence Thomas reported some travel. Here’s how the supposedly ‘objective’ newswires presented that story:

Justice Clarence Thomas on Friday belatedly acknowledged more travel paid by Republican megadonor Harlan Crow, while several colleagues reported six-figure payments as part of book deals.
Thomas, who has faced criticism for failing to report luxury trips paid for by Crow and others over many years, said in his annual financial disclosure that, in 2019, Crow paid for a hotel room in Bali, Indonesia, for a single night, and food and lodging at a private club in Sonoma County, California. He did not report any travel paid by others last year. — AP

The activist authors of that story Mark Sherman AND Lindsay Whitehurst, pivoted from that to amplify suspicions voiced by shameless Dem dark-money hacks from Pro-Publica.

Many of the media outlets who are little more than the self-appointed AV department of the Democrat party unquestioningly ran that slanted story. But not everyone.

Newsbusters caught Jan Crawford from the CBS Evening News doing the right thing.

They have the video, but the transcript tells the story well enough:


6:33 PM

NORAH O’DONNELL: And Jan, I do want to ask you about that breaking news about Justice Clarence Thomas, a report revealing he took more flights on a private jet funded by a megadonor. And they were not disclosed by the justice. What can you tell us?

JAN CRAWFORD: Well, the Senate Judiciary Committee has released some documents that show he took three additional trips with his longtime friend, the billionaire Harlan Crow, including a trip to Montana, another trip back to his family home in Savannah, but Justice Thomas has always maintained that those kind of trips with a friend, who didn’t have business before the court were personal hospitality, and as a result did not have to be disclosed under the rules in place at the time. The Judicial Conference changed those rules last year. Justice Thomas says going forward he will report all of that travel on his disclosure reports. Norah.

Did you pick up on that?

According to the OLD reporting rules, there WAS no obligation to report that category of travel… so no rules were violated. Thomas is going above and beyond the rules of transparency, and being treated as a guilty man for doing so.

Notice as well, the intense scrutiny of Scalia by the very same media that has exactly ZERO interest in why Joe’s DOJ let the statute of limitations lapse on Hunter Biden’s millions in unpaid taxes.

And no interest in the allegations fo sketchy business practices with respect to the liberal judges on the court, past and present.

RBG and Breyer had similar travel to Clarence Thomas (more even!) and nobody cares.

And how about Sotomeyer and her shifty habits around book sales? They came up as a side issue in the course of the investigation Durban opened up into (let’s be honest) conservative justices. A year ago, even MSNBC recognized that as a problem, while trying to pretend it was ‘minor’ when compared to Thomas.

The AP report reveals that Sotomayor’s staff encouraged venues to buy her memoir and children’s books, which have earned her nearly at least $3.7 million since she took her position on the high court in 2009. [… with an explanation of the excuse given to defend the practice] There are a couple of problems with that defense. First, event logistics should be the responsibility of the book publisher, not Sotomayor or her staff members (who are paid to help her serve as a justice, not peddle her books). Second, records published by the AP indicate that staffers weren’t just trying to manage audience expectations; they were trying to hawk as many books as possible. For example, for a speaking event when 550 free tickets resulted in advance purchases of 28 books, a staffer was concerned that “most of the registrants did not purchase books” and asked about “a reminder going out that people need to purchase a book at the event or bring a book to get into the signing line.” In another example, an aide worked to secure the largest possible venue for Sotomayor — something that could help make her more money through book purchases. On yet another occasion, an aide said the number of books a library had purchased in advance of an event was “definitely not enough,” prompting library staff members to push back by saying it was a book publisher and bookseller matter.  — MSNBC

But do you hear Durban banging the drum on that today at all? No. He’s too busy shaking trees in an effort to find something… anything… to give Dems a plausible excuse to take the court back by force.

Because the court keeps standing in the way of their ‘fundamental transformation’ of America. There’s this small matter of their changes being ‘unconstitutional’ or something.

But they’re all hard at work Defending Democracy from Trump’s future authoritarianism, dontchaknow.


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