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HEY Stonehenge-Defacers: Even AOC Knows The Green New Deal Was NEVER About The Environment!

We have it from the lips of her own Chief of Staff LONG before Biden passed all of her policies

Congrats, Joe Biden. You and the ‘moderate’ Democrats have been duped into believing you’ve been saving the planet… when you’ve been useful idiots for a different political play.

An endless stream of self-important change-the-world zealots have been telling themselves that their carbon crusade has been all about saving the world from global warming or climate change, or whatever new term they will trot out tomorrow.

We have watched the movement progress from AOC, to Greta Thunberg, to extintion rebellion clowns throwing soup on works of art and fusing their hands to asphalt, to the latest round of spray-painting monuments like Stonehenge and private jets.

The shrill absurdity keeps ratcheting up higher and higher as they become increasingly convinced of the moral righteousness of their effort of (*ahem*) tilting at windmills. Here’s a look at the Stonehenge version from this week:

Some of them actually believe this whole enterprise is about ‘the environment’.

If they were just a little more curious, they might ask important questions. Like why a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal was one of only 2 senators (with Bernie Sanders) to vote AGAINST the authorization of new nuclear power plants for electricity that is NOT dependent on carbon-producing sources.

Joe Biden passed a bait-and-switch on America. He claimed to be passing a bill whose aim it was to reduce inflation. (It was right there in the name.) It soon became clear that it had nothing to do with reducing inflation, and worsened some of the key drivers of inflation — including government waste.

After it was safely passed into law, Democrats started bragging about its real purpose: to implement key components of the same Green New Deal that all of them pretended to reject unanimously in a 57-0 vote in 2019.

The key difference between the left and the right is simple:
–The right makes the promises they want to deliver on (thought often falling short on passing them into law).
–The left makes promises they think we want to hear, and then rams through some kind of a cultural transformation agenda they never bothered to mention in their campaign.

This why a little-noticed statement by the Chief of Staff of the Green New Deal’s original author is worth discussing. From the latter half of an article we wrote in August of 2019:

We all knew that the Green New Deal was about socialism and not about cow farts. It was a way to exert government control over people’s lives and make the choices for them because, well, the unwashed masses couldn’t possibly be able to make wise decisions on their own. Better to limit their choices or just make them on their behalf. The Green New Deal was utterly ridiculous and would result in the elimination of beef. You’d think that Saikat, who has been spotted eating a burger on occasion, would perhaps stand up for America’s food staple. Alas, some sacrifices must be made for the good of the cause, eh, Komrade Chakrabarti?

The article was about the firing of AOC’s chief of staff (the ‘why’ is explained in the article), but in that piece he made the admission that the Green New Deal’s objectives were NOT to be mistaken for ecological objectives. This was an attempt to throw the American economy on its head.

Mainstream media and (in particular) WaPo ca NOT claim ignorance on this story.

From the Washington Post, who we were quoting in this story:

It wasn’t about saving Mamma Gaia. It was about cultural revolution.
AOC knew.
Jay Inslee’s staffers knew.
The Democrats knew.

The only ones who did NOT know that the real plan for the ‘Green New Deal’ was to destroy the existing economy and replace it with whatever Democrats wanted it replaced with was… the voting public.

And they have the utter and unmitigated GALL to pretend like OUR side are the merchants of misinformation?


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