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House Judicial Hearing Lays Bare The Reason Bragg’s Trump Trial Was A Farce (VIDEO)

And if you pay very close attention, you can watch the Dems condemn themselves

With the Biden administration as boldly lawless as it has been, any attempt at oversight is an elaborate game of whack-a-mole.

The Dems are counting on this. Even if we can stop some of what they’re doing, we can’t stop it all. So the House GOP with their razor-thin majority has to pick its battles.

House judiciary opened an investigation into the most blatant abuse of power Biden’s DOJ has attempted yet… the Bragg trial. They conducted hearings, and those hearings have put into the official Congressional Record some of the fact relating to the Trump case that were not admissible in the trial itself.

The concerns raised by the witnesses in this trial could be foundational to future action, whether that means kicking appeals up to higher courts, with specific claims of violations both of due process and Trump’s civil rights, as well as election interference allegations.

Chairman Jordan’s opening statement and the initial statements of the GOP’s witnesses on the panel put forward a strong argument for why this case should never have gone to trial, let alone have found Trump guilty of a crime that we STILL can’t quite identify.

The fact that the DOJ pulled rank to federalize the investigation in the early days taking it out of the hands of one of the witnesses testifying in this hearing, but didn’t object to Bragg claiming authority over explicitly Federal statutes is an interesting wrinkle as well.

But that’s only PART of the story.

Rep Massie asked some hypotheticals that make it absolutely clear how absurd the ‘hush money’ claim that formed the basis of his argument really is by asking parallel questions about sealing contentious divorce documents or, say, Hillary buying a house in New York so she would meet residency criteria.

The coup-de-grace was given when Massie asked about whether the hush money Congress paid to settle sexual allegations against its own members (perhaps even some then in attendance!) in recent years had been disclosed as a ‘campaign expense’.

Obviously, the answer to THAT question was a hard ‘no’.

The witness the Dems called, for the record, was once an Obama bundler. So any of the overheated testimony that he brings to bear has to be taken with a appropriate grain (or maybe a block?) of salt.

The overheated reaction to by the left was to say that any criticism of the process or the judiciary was endangering the judiciary and the rule of law itself.

How DARE Republicans endanger the lives of judges by criticizing them publicly.

Wait… isn’t it the Democrats that are — even now — engaged in a campaign of delegitimizing SCOTUS, accusing them of being corrupt, and refusing to enforce the existing law that protect them from having their private homes harassed by protesters?

Didn’t Schumer threaten sitting Justices by NAME?

Didn’t a pro-abortion zealot cross the country with a bag of burglary tools and weapons and zip ties with every intention of assassinating Conservative justices to ‘fix’ the ‘problem’ of the judiciary?

And Democrats have the unmitigated GALL to criticize the rest of us on this issue?


The truth may take some time to catch up to the corruption… but eventually, all bills come due.

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