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Trump Unveiled A Policy Idea That Could REVOLUTIONIZE America’s Economy

It's a little hard to 'eat the rich' when your can't threaten citizens with taxes anymore

Few Drain-The-Swamp policy changes would neuter the left’s endless march toward socialism as radically as the one Trump just proposed.

It’s FAR bigger than the usual nibble-around-the-edges-of-the-tax-code idea we’re used to

Trump is proposing a massive change to how the government takes in revenue. Instead of armies of tax lawyers harassing citizens to pay up or else, what happens if we shift the tax burden off of citizens, and move it to transactions?

There was a time, back before World War I, when that’s exactly how the government was run. And since we couldn’t just crank up the tax rates on the middle and upper class every time we ran out of money, spending had a natural upper boundary.

Paired with trade policies that shield the American economy from being undercut by predatory trade practices of totalitarian countries like China, and another run of deregulation like we saw in Trump’s first term, it could even trigger a repatriation of American manufacturing and other sorts of job growth.

It also takes a page from the left’s ratchet approach of social change — implement changes that are not easily reversed when power switches hands in the future. People who get to keep their income won’t be incentivized to settle for accepting less.

There is a whole litany of potential spin-off benefits that could come from taking the leash off the economy and letting America be America again.

Not the least of them is the serious reduction in both the size and the power of the federal government that would be the natural byproduct — both immediately, in the massive staffing reduction of departments like the IRS, and longer-term because government power is a direct function of how much money you can offer (or withhold) to accomplish an agenda.

That’s exactly the kind of innovative thinking we would need to get the federal debt back under control without slashing life-saving benefits we give to the old and infirm.

If you haven’t noticed, THAT ticking time bomb is a far greater threat than the ‘planet is dead in 12 years’ blather AOC used to manipulate us a back in 2019.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck