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If Biden’s America Is So ‘Safe’ Why Did THIS Happen When He Went to Cali?

While Biden basked with his billionaire buddies in Hollywood... THIS happened to the guys protecting him

Citing (incomplete) data sent to the FBI, Biden’s surrogates LOVE to tell us how safe it is. But did you ever hear about this happening on Trump’s watch?

One of the consequences of unvetted people flooding into America, many of them with a debt owed to the cartels who facilitated their entry, is a rise in crime.

For anyone wanting a maximum chaos campaign, that pairs nicely with the BLM’s anti-police campaign, Veep Kamala’s campaign to release rioters, and the lawless Soros prosecutors who seem to be lax on punishing pretty much every crime except the ones they can dream up about Republicans.

In other words, they want to nationalize what they’ve done to once-Republican California.

But reality has a nasty habit of crashing their party.

AUnited States Secret Service agent was robbed at gunpoint this weekend, while off duty on a trip to California as part of President Joe Biden’s security detail, the agency confirmed Monday.
The robbery took place on Saturday, the same night that the president campaigned and fundraised at an event in Los Angeles, alongside former President Barack Obama, A-list actors George Clooney and Julia Roberts, and comedian and late night host Jimmy Kimmel.
The agent who was robbed has not been identified, but did not suffer any injuries, according to NBC News. No suspects have been arrested or identified.
Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the agent was off-duty at the time, and returning from a work assignment when the robbery took place. The robber stole the agent’s bag at gunpoint, according to Tustin police, but the bag was later found in the area. — JustTheNews

Robbed at gunpoint in California, you say? Maybe they should consider stronger gun laws? [/sarcasm]

Hopeless partisans in the tank for Biden — like economist Krugman who predicted Trump’s policies would throw us into recession — try to assure us that the crime rates are now lower under Biden.

The FBI stats we’re supposed to consult to prove those arguments aren’t worth a damn for comparative value… for a couple of reasons.

John Lott, the president of the nonprofit right-leaning Crime Prevention Research Center who held a brief role in the Dept. of Justice under former President Donald Trump, told Newsweek that the FBI statistics are incomplete at best.
“It’s just a small portion of the issue,” Lott said. “The reason why we have the National Crime Victimization Survey [an annual survey conducted by the DOJ] is because we know most crimes are not reported to police.”
According to the FBI statistics, murders decreased by 26.4%, rapes were down by 25.7%, robbery decreased by 17.8%, aggravated assault was down by 12.5%, and property crime was lower by 15% in the first quarter.
But Lott said those statistics make up less than 45% of the violent crimes that are committed in the U.S. and only 32% of property crimes. Victims are not reporting incidents as often because they don’t believe anyone will be punished, he said. —Newsweek

Not reporting crime because they don’t think the crime will be punished? What would possibly give them THAT idea?

Let’s take a quick look at our favorite website for tracking Chicago crime ‘HeyJackass‘… a handy proxy for urban crime more generally. What do they have to tell us?

Let’s zoom in a little:

If 76% of actual MURDERS are going unpunished in Chicago… how motivated do you think John Q. Public is to file a complaint on something that doesn’t rise to the same level of heinous as actual homicide?

If nobody is putting the bad guys away anyhow, why bother reporting it?

Meanwhile, the policy-makers and influencers that guys like this Secret Service agent are paid to protect with their actual lives never have to face the negative consequences of their ‘enlightened’ policies.

The rest of us who can’t afford to pay a security detail to follow them around everywhere? That’s a whole other story.

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