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LOL: CNN Is Confused By MAGA Telling Them America Is NOT A Democracy

Accurately describing America's government is now an 'attack on democracy'

In case you were wondering whether leftist political orthodoxy had hit the critical mass of ‘cult’ status yet… this should confirm it for you.

If the clowns at CNN knew what our readers probably already know, they would never have run the video they used ‘refuting’ the claim that America is a Constitutional Republic.

Yes, it’s ok to pause a moment for your laughter to die down.
(CNN’s video declaring their ignorance to the world can be found in the latter part of this article.)

As anyone even passingly familiar with history or politics can tell you, there is a world of difference between a governmental structure and the process such a government employs.

When the Framers were hammering out the details of what shape the American Experiment was to take, they leaned heavily on what was known about the mistakes made across history before the feudal age their revolution wanted to leave behind.

They learned that different forms of government can fail for very different reasons, depending on the structure.

The corruption of kings in authority is tempted by different vices and leads to different crises than the corruption of oligarchies, or that of mob rule.

Mob rule — or ‘pure democracy’ — is every bit as dangerous as the other two. For example, riots and lynch mobs are NOT the result of the other two scenarios, but are very much in line with the emotional swings and catastrophically unjust crowd dynamics of mob rule.

Each of those failures has a different remedy. The checks-and-balances devised by the Framers was that of a Constitutional Republic, where the highest law of the land was grounded in a contractual agreement (The Constitution) whose terms were agreed upon and entered into into by delegates of the several states.

The Senate was set up to ensure that the regional interests of smaller states were not swamped or simply ignored by the larger ones with money and population. The House was set up to ensure that each citizen had someone local representing his local interests before the country.

And every citizen gets one direct vote for their pick to sit in what is now the Oval Office. That pick is where the ‘democracy’ part comes in — everyone legally entitled to vote in an election gets ONE vote. (‘Legally entitled and ‘one’ are both important parts of the process being seen as legitimate by the participants.)

This separation of powers was — at the time — unique in history and made it different than other countries — including British Commonwealth’s parliamentary democracies, from whose example the Framers borrowed heavily — that used a democratic voting PROCESS.

Credit Tom Grabien

The UK, like Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy.
The United States of America? Is a Constitutional Republic.

The left wants to claim that only the eeeevil MAGA-Republicans use language like that. Here’s their beloved NPR setting them straight:

“To take this as a rejection of democracy misses how the idea of government by the people, including both a democracy and a republic, was understood when the Constitution was drafted and ratified,” Thomas said. “It misses, too, how we understand the idea of democracy today.”
One way to understand that idea was articulated by Jefferson himself way back in 1816, when he wrote: “We may say with truth and meaning, that governments are more or less republican as they have more or less of the element of popular election and control in their composition.” [emphasis added] It is hard to imagine a better statement of the two concepts as they may be comingled and act in concert. — NPR

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Wes Walker

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