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JOEMENTIA: Biden’s ‘Cheap Fake’ Presidency

After the first 2024 Presidential debate, it's clear that the current 'Leader of the Free World' is incapable of leading anything.

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NOTE: This article may include commentary reflecting the author’s position.
Well, that was a disaster for the Democrats.

By “that” I mean the unprecedentedly early first 2024 Presidential Debate that Team Biden insisted on.

Most of the rules CNN had in place were put in place to favor the incumbent President — turning off mics when a candidate wasn’t speaking, a couple of commercial breaks for the candidates to rest a bit, and even moderators who likened Trump to Hitler.

But all the “extreme MAGA are the new Nazis” blather for the past few years didn’t matter at all once the President shuffled his way onstage.

It was done when he opened his mouth.


Oh, sorry. Wrong clip. That was much more coherent.

Team Trump pulled clips of Biden’s sad debate performance for a new ad and it’s brutal.

As someone who worked with dementia patients and had family members that suffered with this horrible disease, this debate was difficult to watch.

Even though Joe Biden has always been a corrupt, lying scumbag politician for 50 years, I felt bad for the guy. It’s inhumane to allow someone suffering from dementia to put themselves on display in this fashion.

Remember, he was hidden away for eight days with 16 staffers and “Doctor” Jill to prepare for this 90-minute debate and not a one said to themselves, “Gee, maybe having him run for re-election isn’t a great idea.”

We’ve seen this decline for years and White House staffers have dismissed it as “fake news.”

They were obviously lying.

This is elder abuse and a cabal of White House staffers, the Democratic Party, and the Biden family are all backing Joe’s re-election bid knowing that he is incapable of running the country.

It took them eight days to get him to shuffle onstage and mumble some word salads and shout a bunch of lies.

If you didn’t think that this crapshow presidency was elder abuse, watch this:

After years of stalwart defense of Joe, the Regime Media is now suggesting that Democrats replace him. It’s too little, too late.

Besides, it’s pretty clear that “Doctor” Jill ain’t gonna let that happen without one helluva fight.

After all, the DNC made sure that they quashed any real challenge to the President in the Primaries. *cough* RFK Jr. *cough*

The debate itself was a crapshow, but it was the part that CNN didn’t want you to see that was the most telling — after the debate, “Doctor” Jill went up to help Joe down the couple of steps and someone else was standing by ready to lend another hand.

Here it is zoomed in:

Just. Look. At. This.

The thing is, Biden’s decline has been obvious to anyone who has watched him over the past few years.

Of course, anyone who said that was dismissed as peddling “cheap fakes”.

The real story is that the Partisan Presstitutes are telling Americans “don’t believe your lying eyes.” They have repeatedly dismissed the obvious frailty and cognitive decline of the President while uncritically repeated obvious lies from Democrats that Joe Biden is fit as a fiddle and as sharp as a tack “behind the scenes”.

Which leads to the obvious question… who’s actually in charge?

We still don’t know, and we likely never will.

Is it the old Obama team that reappeared when Joe took office? The woke, Gen Z staffers? First Lady Edith Wilson “Doctor” Jill? Hunter’s foreign business partners? Who knows.

But one thing is clear — the Democrats should not replace Joe Biden.

The increasingly ironically-named Democratic Party chose to not have a primary race, lied to the American people about 81-year-old Joe’s mental acuity, and used him for their own political ends. They should be stuck with him as the nominee. They chose this.

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