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LMAO: Cenk’s Reaction To Biden’s Debate Fail Is His Biggest Meltdown Since 2016

THIS scenario is why the left wanted the debate to come BEFORE their convention

It’s hard to find anyone more in the tank and ready to prop up the most hapless leftwing politicians than Cenk and The Young Turks… last night we learned that even HE has limits.

He’s been burned by Trump before — most famously as he watched his dreams of a Hillary election die in real time as the 2016 election results rolled in. That was hilarious. This is almost as good.

After Biden’s disastrous debate performance last night, the left is in panic mode.

Not only are they realizing that Joe Biden is getting his backside handed to him by Trump, but now the whole world has seen that Joe Biden is exactly what his critics have been saying he is for years.

Unfit for office.

Cenk is one of many prominent leftists hitting the panic button on the Biden candidacy.

Now that there’s no way Joe could curb-stomp Trump the way they thought he would, he’s no longer useful to the left. Since political power is the only currency they value, Biden has outlived his usefulness.

See how quickly Cenk — and others — have moved to throw Joe overboard.

(Video credit: Maze Moore)

When hard-left sellouts like Cenk are using words like ‘feeble’, they’re running scared.

The clock is ticking for Joe. And after Joe Biden’s performance, we all know he probably can’t even draw one.

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Wes Walker

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