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Rabid Abortion Death-Cultists Try To ‘Own’ Pro-Lifers… Fail Hilariously

These clods really haven't a CLUE what the real issue is, do they?

The abortion lobby’s ‘safe-legal-and-rare’ days are long since forgotten in the rearview mirror. Now they want abortion on demand and without apology.

Seeing this cause twisted into a ‘personal autonomy rights’ issue, the activists are quick to reframe pro-life as ‘anti-choice’. Because of that reframing they have robbed themselves of reason and don’t even understand the root basis of the disagreement.

They spout their fever-dreams about The Handmaid’s Tale where fertile women are used for breeding stock and little more… as if anyone in America actually holds that view of motherhood, least of all mainstream Christians and conservatives.

But with Dobbs becoming the prevailing abortion ‘policy’ of the land, where each state is free to make up its own mind, and the total number of abortions rising since that decision, there are still a surprising number of single-issue pro-abortion death cultists trying to change public policy.

They’re running a new play. This time, they think they’ve finally got us over a barrel.

Here’s the plan:

A large Planned Parenthood affiliate has been doing more sterilizations on men this fall since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health.

Dr. Grace Shih, director of vasectomy services for Planned Parenthood Great Northwest, told KIRO 7 News that they have seen a 34-percent increase since the June abortion ruling, according to Fox News.

Shih said one man told her that he believed having a vasectomy was an “act of love.” Others apparently never want to have children.
[…] Doctors in Florida, Kansas and Washington state also have reported an increased demand for sterilization procedures. These include Dr. Marah Hehemann of the University of Washington, who said more than half of the patients they see for vasectomies now are men who do not have children. —LifeNews

Take THAT pro-lifers!

So… who’s gonna tell them?

Hot take: Any clown who thinks getting snipped is somehow a ‘win’ for a political ’cause’ probably SHOULD chlorinate the gene pool by removing himself from it forever.

If your attitude toward kids is so jaded that you are gloating about voluntary surgery, it’s probably better that you don’t have any at all.

Also — you don’t know it,  but these clods are actually solving their problem in the right way.

Instead of knocking up every chick dumb or drunk enough to share a bed with them, they are limiting the consequences of their own recklessness and promiscuity to just the two parties involved, without the decision between ripping an unborn child limb from limb and sucking her into a sink, giving her up for adoption, or abandoning her to be cared for by a single mom struggling to get by.

If they get snipped, nobody dies when you decide you don’t want to deal with the consequences of your choices.

That’s it. Nobody dying IS the whole point of being pro-life.

It’s right there in the name… when you are honest enough to use the correct one.

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Wes Walker

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