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Trump: Property Mogul, Media Star, President And Now… Folk Hero?

Are the Dems unwittingly creating a monster they can't destroy?

Are we seeing the making of a genuine American folk hero?

Taking only surface developments since 2015, Trump’s survival is miraculous. Like Washington, he rides through the storm, untouched by hostile fire, a non-politician beating the politicians at their own game.

Estimates by most pundits pronounced the man politically vaporized by the summer of 2016. Instead of defeat at the gnarly hand of the Hillary, he defeated her and became President in 2017.

Before and after his election he was the target of numerous death threats and assassination attempts. When he was elected, Democrats howled into the night, accusing him of election fraud. They openly promised to destroy him.

He was unfairly called racist, sexist, supremacist and fascist.

Undaunted, he kept preaching populism (The People vs. the Elite).

He was accused of crimes and non-crimes.

He responded by singing the praises of nationalism (patriotism and sovereignty).

He called for the removal of insiders, swamp rats and administrative tyrants to right size government and preserve God-given rights.

Democrats, many former executives along with a foreign operative, conspired and colluded to cripple him, accusing him of partnering with the Russians to rig the 2016 election.

Their lies were exposed and the assaults escalated. The accusations screeched daily from the Misery Stream Media.

Democrats said he colluded with the Russians. Instead it was shown powerful and well-placed Democrats did the colluding.

He preached America First. He preached Make America Great Again. He condemned the MSM and those political enemies practicing deceit and corruption. He succeeded at every turn, prospering the country and improving everyone’s shared experience.

And all along the way, the more he was vilified, the stronger he appeared. So the enemies of the Republic decided to up their game. Smears had not worked. Accusations failed. Slander and libel fell flat. Election tampering got nowhere. So they decided formal proceedings were in order.

Impeachment #1 – epic fail.
Impeachment #2 – epic fail.

Shamelessly engineering the Jan. 6 riots and exploiting them for selfish reasons, leftist radicals tried for many months to hang this man calling him responsible. They can’t help it apparently. They are infected with TDS. Meanwhile, hundreds of citizens have been jailed, some tortured. Yes, tortured. (Keep in mind BLM and Antifah rioters burned and looted nationwide for months. Thousands participated, funded by the Left, leaving enormous casualties and damage. They were essentially given free reign. Equal application of the law?)

Some say Jan. 6 protestors threaten democracy yet they were protesting a rigged election which most certainly threatens democracy. Furthermore, allowing upwards of 9 million illegals entrance is a knife at the throat of the nation. The former President promises to close the border and deport illegals. Knowing he will keep his promise the Left freaks out, furious he may destroy their plan to globalize behind the invasion.

Recall the coordinated lawfare involving several judges and prosecutors all agreeing a verdict of “Guilty!” trial later. Each case is crumbling before the scrutiny of an awakened electorate. The so-called “hush money” case, intended to destroy the man, only cemented suspicions the fix is in, and more. The convictions were met with campaign contributions totaling $400 million from small donors in record time.

Enemies of The Constitution never stop. Even the debates are rigged as was the 2020 election, encouraging more illegality this cycle.

No doubt the mass of communists directed by Obama and his minions grow more desperate each day, showing the face of vicious hatred.

Still, the man soldiers on drawing strength from his faith, his family and his followers. Like Jimmy Stewart on the floor of the Senate railing against corruption, the former President is all in to save the country. Mr. Smith is coming to Washington and the rats are scurrying to find the exits.

His tremendous achievements while President verify his standing and the promise of more reform to come, giving a weary nation time to shrug off the evil doers and work once more to preserve this best hope for the world: the land of the free.

A folk hero is standing on the front lines calling all patriots to save America. The second American Revolution is underway. Our sacred duty is clear.

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.