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HUNTER’S LAPTOP: Could The BIGGEST Scandal Of This Sordid Story STILL Be Hiding In Plain Sight?

If CIA spooks helped hide the truth... shouldn't we be asking WHY?

Even children understand that admitting to a lesser infraction can be a clever way to avoid getting into trouble for something worse. Is that what happened here?

Did the media run with Hunter’s sordid sex and drug story hoping we would be distracted from the far BIGGER one?

Ever since the laptop story went public, we were asking questions that took us well beyond the private indiscretions and criminal acts of a drug-addled private citizen. But if you look carefully at how the media has handled the laptop revelations, you will see that they have built a careful firewall around it so that ONLY Hunter Biden is affected by the consequences. Conveniently, Joe Biden never becomes part of that story.

Was that the plan all along?

The NYPost is now reporting that at least two of the people Blinken called on to write that letter falsely claiming the laptop was ‘Russian Disinformation’ were contractors being paid by the CIA. That letter singlehandedly changed the course of an election. And a group of people we have trained in information warfare, with experience in ‘color revolutions’ was involved in that letter.

That is information we did not have in the 2020 election. But it needs to be considered now.

We also know that the FBI itself had authenticated the validity of the laptop as of 2019. This is the same FBI that slow-walked their criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and threw up roadblocks when others would investigate him.

What if the official laptop story is a lie hiding something bigger?

The official story is that the laptop became public after a drug-addled Hunter Biden brought a damaged laptop to a computer tech, and then forgot to pick it up again.

According to the terms of the repair contract, on failure to pick it up the laptop again in a specific window of time the laptop became the repairman’s legal property.

What Hunter could never have predicted was that the repairman didn’t just wipe the hard drive and resell the laptop as used. He kept it, looked at the contents, and went public with them.

What if factory resetting the hard drive WAS the point?

Considering all of the incriminating information this laptop could contain, the timing for this abandoned repair would have been awfully convenient. And not JUST for Hunter himself.

Did you notice that there were not just ONE, but TWO laptops abandoned at the repair shop? Keep that in mind, we’ll come back to that point in a moment.

Look at the date on the receipt. Just above the QTY column.
It says April 12, 2019.

(Image Source)

What was going on in Hunter’s life at about the time?

April 25, 2019: Joe Biden announces he is running for President

What an amazing coincidence!

What else was going on?

Let’s see…

Hunter’s Paternity suit

Hunter was gearing up for what turned out to be a really nasty battle over child support with his daughter Navy’s mom. Hunter cried poor, then he fought like hell to avoid court dates altogether during COVID. Eventually, the judge ordered him to prove he was as poor as he claimed by producing financial records.

Miraculously, he found a way to settle quietly out of court… just in time for none of his financial information to find its way into the public record. Here is some of ClashDaily’s coverage of that story:

That ‘plot twist’ story was an interesting one, since it referenced a foreign court case that alleged the Biden family was involved in a fraudulent business scheme dubbed the ‘China Hustle’. It was alleged that the Bidens had received $1.5 Billion from Chinese companies that ‘hustled Americans out of their life savings’.

It’s just another unproven claim… but this came out BEFORE many of the other Biden family’s revenues from foreign countries were widely known. It sure would have sucked for a guy with so many dubious and undeclared income streams if his financial information were to go public… during his dad’s Presidential campaign!

Was anything ELSE going on at the time?

Criminal Investigations into Hunter’s associates

There was also the ‘SMALL’ matter of the Southern District of New York conducting an investigation into the disappearance of Patrick Ho, — described by Hunter himself as ‘the richest man in the world’ and ‘the f**king spy chief of China’, with whom Hunter had been brokering a $4B deal to build the largest Liquid Natural Gas port in the world.

Audio: Hunter’s Representation Of The ‘F**king Spy Chief Of China’ … Is That News?

In that context, not to mention the influence peddling allegations, the long list of US and Chinese phone numbers in his contacts list might have been tough to explain away.

If just ONE laptop had been abandoned, the information stored in the cloud could always be retrieved. But if BOTH were abandoned and factory reset… whoops.

“Sorry Mr Investigator. I know it sucks for your investigations, but obviously I can’t turn over something I don’t have.”

The BIG unanswered question

At what point does the cumulative ‘circumstantial’ evidence that Hunter Biden’s abandoning of a laptop at the workshop of a blind technician become compelling enough to become conclusive evidence of deliberate obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence in a way that could be plausibly explained away as accident or negligence?

If this was only about Hunter Biden… it’s not such a big deal.

But if there’s a conspiracy to obstruct justice to protect his dear old dad?
That’s a WHOLE other issue. Especially when the Joe is so VERY willing to release the hounds of law enforcement on anyone who gets in his way.

We know the CIA and the FBI have been putting their thumbs on the scale to help Democrats and hurt Republicans. Are they putting their whole feet on the scale now, too?

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