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25 Absurdities

One character from literature believed '6 impossible things before breakfast'... and probably voted Democrat

  1. Joe is sharp as a tack. He has a 6 handicap. He carries his own bag. His administration is superb. He deserves four more years.
  2. Lying, Joe declares: “I know how to tell the truth!” The use of tactical nukes is an option in dealing with Russia. Truth?!
  3. Delusions: Nancy Pelosi is believable, Kamala Harris is electable, Michele Obama is credible.
  4. The all-time best seller internationally is the Bible but it has no place in public schools.
  5. The Constitution can be re-fashioned by prevailing cultural whim.
  6. A Republic can survive the cancellation of God-given rights.
  7. We can tax and spend our way out of debt amounting to $34 Trillion.
  8. Adding $1 Trillion in debt every 90 days will not lead to default.
  9. The rule of law is protected by lawfare.
  10. Morality is relative and therefore negotiable.
  11. J6 demonstrators tried to overthrow the government and that is sedition, but the government could not prove sedition so it unlawfully over-charged hundreds of citizens, putting some in solitary, keeping others in indefinite detention, ruining thousands of lives behind Democrat prosecution and persecution.
  12. Nationwide, BLM and Antifa burned and looted for four months causing about 40 deaths and tens of billions in property damage, bankrupting many minority businesses, but all that was just because all white people are evil.
  13. There is no such thing as perversion.
  14. Abortion is women’s healthcare.
  15. The Democrat-sponsored administrative state allows you to possess individual rights but exercising those rights is another matter. The massive federal bureaucracy is in substantial control.
  16. You will purchase and drive an electric car whether it makes sense or not.
  17. Prohibiting the use of small appliances is rational policy.
  18. Illegal immigration causes economic development and prosperity, and it has no negative impact on citizens looking for work.
  19. Taxation stimulates the economy.
  20. Capitalism is the problem. Communism is the solution.
  21. Importing ten million illegals from around the world is a good thing, if you ignore child trafficking, prostitution, increases in violent crime, stress and strain on local governments, the cost of providing food, housing, employment and medical care, the spread of diseases and welcoming terrorists.
  22. It is only a coincidence when you see government importing violent criminals at the same time it enacts gun control and confiscation, all the while arming federal agents, destroying military combat readiness, and funding lethal enemies like China and Iran.
  23. Requiring voter ID is racist and discriminatory and serves to suppress turnout.
  24. Limited immunity from prosecution for official acts in public office is a longstanding principal opposed by Leftists, unless they want immunity for their actions while in office.
  25. Can Joe say ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’?

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.