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Dem Leadership Drama Should NOT Distract Us From Election Integrity Stories Like THIS One

Charges potentially related to election tampering in Maricopa ... guess which party?

Doesn’t ‘defending democracy’ imply a belief that the ACTUAL choice made by the people should determine the result?

If someone gets caught manipulating the final count in ANY way, it discredits and destroys the entire one-person-one-vote system. So why does one party seem so hellbent on finding so many different ways to make election integrity LESS reliable?

We’ve seen a tug-of-war over the rules of engagement in elections lately, where one party wants to throw caution to the wind and allow maximal access to voting with minimal safeguards, where the other side’s slogan has been ‘easy to vote but hard to cheat’.

We all watched how Florida went from an international laughing stock in 2000 to a well-oiled machine whose results nobody seriously contests. Meanwhile, a whole host of blue states are refusing to comply with laws to clean up voter rolls… even when compelled to do so by a court order. They’re also the loudest cheerleaders for mass mailing of ballots to people who may or may not even live at those addresses. (As opposed to targeted mailings sent out by the specific request of the voter).

Non-citizen voting, motor voter registration, signature validation issues, and ballots received after the polls close also muddy the waters.

But the most pressing concern for many centers on security issues on our digital machines instead of paper ballots counted by hand. Is the software recording the same vote as chosen by the voter, or is it ‘flipping’ to a different candidate as some have claimed in the past?

Are unauthorized people adding unauthorized votes into the mix, as some videos seemed to suggest in the controversies of 2020?

A temporary election worker in Maricopa County was arrested Friday after allegedly stealing keys and a security fob that can be used to gain access to the county’s ballot tabulation machines.

With just a week to go before mail ballots go out, Maricopa County detectives charged Walter Ringfield Jr., a 27-year-old Phoenix resident, with one count of theft and one count of criminal damage, after they say he took a lanyard with the fob and keys attached while working in the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center. He is in custody and won’t be released unless a court order allows, according to court documents.

Ringfield told detectives during his arrest that he took the fob for 20 minutes the day before and then gave it back. But detectives located the fob in his house after obtaining a search warrant. His motive for taking it was unclear, but he suggested to detectives that it may have been a mistake. — AZMirror

Notice how this news story is treated as one guy, without any particular political angle implied.

Would it change the story any if the accused had connections to the Democrat party and NGOs?

Because there’s a claim in play that this is precisely what has happened.

Judge for yourself who to believe.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the tweet that video was linked from.

A republic, they said. If you can keep it.

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Wes Walker

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