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BIDEN UNHINGED: Old Man ‘Defends Democracy’ By Declaring War On Supreme Court

Televised response to ruling on Trump Immunity goes off the rails

After the SCOTUS decisions this term just ate Biden’s lunch, especially Trump’s immunity, team Biden saw a chance to redirect the conversation away from his (literally) demented debate performance.

They whipped up a short speech in which Joe came out with heavy make-up and railed against both Trump and the Supreme Court.

The irony of this rant, as pointed out by Jim Banks, is that the very same Presidential Immunity that Joe Biden is railing against in this speech protects him from criminal prosecution in the laws he his breaking while making this speech — namely, the Hatch Act.

There was a lot of chatter online about the orange makeup he was wearing being awfully similar to the bronzer favored by a certain Bad Orange Man.

Mollie Hemmingway summed it up nicely:

Mark Levin has been laser-focused on this issue, and addressed it both before and after Joe’s angry speech. Here’s what he said.

Before the speech was an explanation of why Presidential immunity is not only a reasonable requirement of the office, but is absolutely necessary for the successful execution of the office.

In my own words, not his, without the shield of Presidential Immunity for official actions, someone making critical decisions would be torn by the conflicting priorities of acting in the best interest of either the nation in a moment of need, or saving his own skin from any would-be political enemy that comes looking for his scalp as soon as he leaves office.

Said differently, the President is not entirely free to act in the nation’s genuine interests so long as he is afraid of the prospect of personal ruination after the fact… even when making a proper decision in good faith.

Contrary to Biden’s rant about SCOTUS ‘changing’ the Presidency and making him like a king, nothing has changed as a result of that ruling. Unofficial acts — not covered by the Constitution — are not protected by immunity.

As you can see from the all-caps, Levin’s tone changed when Joe’s speech was announced. He expected the worst and most cynical of attacks on the court:

After the speech was actually delivered, he made an observation I’ve not seen others make yet.

Besides all the various ways in which Joe attacked a coequal branch of government and shamelessly used the Presidential podium normally reserved for serious speeches to personally attack Conservatives, this speech was a signal to his allies in the pending criminal prosecutions of Trump to go all-in on taking him down.

So much for Mr. Unity who promised to be the ‘President of All Americans’.

In his defense, he likely has no idea he even said that.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck