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The Billionaires Running Hamas Don’t Give A Damn About Gazan Lives — Here’s Proof

It's easy to gamble when someone else eats the cost if you lose

To the billionaire in the Qatari Penthouse, the slaughter of his own people in Gaza looks like a big victory.

For all of human history, the rational for why men went off to war was either conquest or defense. Valiant men would put their lives on the line. Much of the time, they went to war to defend what they loved: Hearth and home. Women. Children. The elderly.

These most vulnerable were the irreplaceable resource on which everything else depended. Not everyone sees their own people as so precious.

Senior Hamas official Khaled Mashaal told a Beirut conference yesterday that the Palestinian national movement entered a new phase after October 7, and “national consensus” is needed to transition smoothly to the new reality, according to the Iranian state-owned Alam network.
[…] In an interview with Sky News Arabic today, Mashaal acknowledges the damage wrought to the territory in the aftermath of the October 7 attack. “Gaza is now destroyed,” he says. “Every fair-minded person sees that this is absolutely true.”

However, he says, this is all part of the “march of our people toward liberation.” — TimesOfIsrael

Oh, Mashaal is a Great Liberator, is he?

No. He has power and he means to keep it. He’s fleeced his own people for billions, and he’s (literally) phoning in his leadership of Gaza from some penthouse suite in Qatar.

The rapes and slaughter of innocents in their beds in Israel that trigged this war? Totally worth it. The bloodshed and suffering of his own people in Gaza? Little more than a means to an end.

This is Stalin and Mao level of political callousness.

“Gaza is now destroyed,” Mashaal claims. This is not true. Only 17% of the infrastructure in the Strip has been demolished, while a great many other buildings have been severely damaged.

Mashaal doesn’t care about the Gazans whose interests he claims to represent and whose lives his terrorist group, Hamas, has helped to ruin. He’s one of those fanatics who is willing to slaughter real people now for the sake of a dream coming true later —in his case, the total destruction of Israel “from the river to the sea” and its replacement by a 23rd Arab state. Others of a similar bent include the demented Marxist Abimael Guzman, head of the Sendero Lubinoso (Shining Path) in Peru, or the even crazier Pol Pot, who as leader of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia slaughtered millions of his fellow Cambodians, especially the entire intellectual class who it was believed, would be most resistant to the Khmer Rouge’s program to “equalize” society.

It is Hamas that dragged Israel into a war it did not want, with the atrocities — rapes, tortures, murders, mass kidnappings — Hamas carried out on October 7. The IDF could do no other than respond with a ferocious counterattack after the October 7 atrocities, to make sure that Hamas will never again be a military power capable of repeating those atrocities, despite the Hamas boast that it will repeat them, as soon as it is able,” again and again.”
[…] When will the people in Gaza dare to hold mass demonstrations denouncing not just Khaled Mashaal, but his fellow Hamas billionaires Moussa abu Marzouk and Ismael Haniyeh, who, like Mashaal, stole their money — $4 billion by Marzouk, $3 billion by Haniyeh — from the aid sent to support the people of Gaza? When will someone at the UN, or in Congress, or among the Bidenites stand up and demand that every effort must be made to claw back those $11 billion, which will go a long way to help rebuild Gaza? — JihadWatch

Instead of demanding ‘regime change’ in Israel… maybe American agitators can look to the ‘root causes’ they care so much about.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck