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News Clash

Black Journalist Gets Caught Being Step-And-Fetch Lackey For Biden… Now Fired

Bidenomics just cost another black woman her job.

After his massive debate failure, Corporate Media has shifted in their coverage of Joe Biden, and seem ready to throw him under the bus.

How else would you explain the sharpe and sudden rise of exactly the kind of stories that the media has spent the last four years carefully suppressing?

CNN — yes, THAT CNN — exposed the fact that Joe Biden had done two interviews with two different radio stations were exactly alike. A little digging turned up that the Biden people had given the media a set of prepared questions to ask.

Not that we’re giving CNN any credit here. The were part of how Biden has hidden all of the negative press about him until now. Even worse, we’ve got hidden video acknowledging they were actively spinning Joe’s positives (highlighting clips of him driving his slick car with his aviators, or looking energetic) and suppressing the Hunter Laptop story while throwing everything they had against Trump. (Remember the omni-present Covid Death clock?)

Still stumbled over them. Oof.

Now that the jig is up, what consequences will there be?

Judging by the Democrats rushing to Joe’s defense, his own party faithful have no interested in holding busting his chops over it. (This may change if someone else becomes the official flag-bearer.) If social media response is any indication, they are giving a boilerplate combination of ‘everybody does it’ and ‘Orange Man Bad’ is worse.

But at least one of the radio stations whose platforms Biden took for granted and tried to exploit for personal gain did not take kindly to being treated as a step-and-fetch by Biden’s campaign team.

Andrea Lawful-Sanders, who hosted “The Source” on WURD 96.1 FM/900 AM, in Philadelphia, mutually parted ways with the radio station after she said on CNN that she received a list of eight questions from Mr. Biden’s campaign, including four that she approved.

“WURD Radio remains an independent voice that our audience can trust will hold elected officials accountable,” Sara M. Lomax, the president and CEO of WURD, said in a statement on Sunday. “As Pennsylvania’s only independent Black-owned talk radio station, WURD Radio has cultivated that trust with our audience over our 20-year history. This is something we take very seriously. Agreeing to a pre-determined set of questions jeopardizes that trust and is not a practice that WURD Radio engages in or endorses as a matter of practice or official policy.”
[…] Lomax said in a statement on Sunday that the interview with Mr. Biden was “arranged and negotiated independently” by Lawful-Sanders “without knowledge, consultation or collaboration with WURD management.”

“WURD Radio is not a mouthpiece for the Biden or any other Administration,” Lomax said. “Internally, we will commit to reviewing our policies, procedures, and practices to reinforce WURD’s independence and trust with our listeners. But mainstream media should do its own introspection to explore how they have lost the trust of so many Americans, Black Americans chief among them.” — CBS Philly

If the goal was rehabilitating his image among black voters, getting a black news personality fired because you were using her as a ventriloquist puppet instead of an independent media professional is a step in the wrong direction.

But at least it gives people an honest look at what he really thinks of them.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck