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So, Rules Don’t Apply? Post-Debate, Infected Biden Spreads Germs Across Nation

By Steve Pauwels

On the heels of Joe Biden’s apocalyptically self-imploding June 27th debate against Donald Trump, his campaign immediately wanted America to know the faltering President:

— attended a post-event watch party with wife Jill;

— followed by an early morning visit to an Atlanta Waffle House;

— followed by a plane flight to North Carolina where he reportedly kibitzed with some two-hundred supporters on the tarmac;

— followed by an afternoon speech in Raleigh before a throng a couple thousand strong of Biden-enthusiasts;

— followed by a return trip to New York City where he made an appearance alongside Elton John(!) at opening day of the Stonewall National Monument Visitor Center;

— followed by an address at a pride gala for LGBTQ+ supporters.

Whew! Never mind his cataclysmic performance of a couple night’s previous … the guy is the Delaware Superman!

But hold on a minute! Spokespersons for the eighty-one-year-old had told us he underachieved in his nationally televised square-off against Trump because he “had a cold” … and they’re insisting, as of Tuesday, he still does.

So, not to be annoyingly anal here but … what is a man with what has been characterized as a “heavy cold” doing surrounding himself with mobs of his fellow Americans whom he might infect? I mean, a malady so serious that it rendered him nearly incapable of speaking cogently and reasoning clearly for a full ninety minutes — on one of the most momentous outings of his campaign, mind you — sounds rather serious. Doesn’t he care about exposing those around him to this debilitating contagion?

Doesn’t exactly buzz with the “I-Am-Devoted-to-Public-Health” vibe he so assiduously cultivated during the Great Covid panic, does it?

Has Joe Biden’s “cold” so befogged his brain that memories of the “the Pandemic” have faded? Isn’t he the Chief Executive who, on his first day in office, imposed an Executive Order requiring individuals to wear masks in all federal facilities — and didn’t revoke it until two-and-a-half months ago (April 2024, more than three years(!) later?) Remember, after claiming he wouldn’t mandate COVID vaccines when he was running against Trump last time around, Biden sanctimoniously flip-flopped, proposing aggressive new federal vax requirements that would have affected as many as 100 million Americans?

Joe Biden … anti-Covid Champion!

You’d think a political leader so vociferously arrayed against the COVID “super-flu” would be more reluctant to hang around so many unsuspecting potential victims when he himself was under-the-weather. He seemed pretty much on board with the most intrusive anti-coronavirus measures, be they state or federal. We weren’t supposed to gather in groups, weren’t rebelliously to huddle with loved ones on holidays, at graduations, weddings or funerals. Church services? Are you kidding me? What are you, someone who wants to kill old people, children, and kittens?  And when religious assemblies were permitted, singing was sternly forbidden (recall, that action, reputedly, broadcasts the plague even more pervasively than plain old talking.)

Joe Biden … Vanquisher of the Coronavirus!

Yet …

… there he was in Friday morning’s wee hours “dapping” with wide-eyed Waffle House patrons, sharing breathing space mere inches from them. There he was stepping off Air Force One shortly thereafter, mixing intimately with fellow Democrat aficionados. And over the next day or two he continued cheerfully spewing his “cold” germs over congestions of loyalists who’d gathered to hear his dark alarms about Devil Trump and his plans for a second term.

During the Raleigh roundup, as Joe Biden stertorously bellowed,

“I know what I do know … I know how to tell the truth … I know right from wrong … I know, like millions of Americans know, when you get knocked down you get back up!”

… one has to wonder how far his “heavy cold” exhalations drifted from his mouth across the rapturously upturned faces of the onlookers.

Was the President tested for COVID Thursday before the big clash? How about afterwards on the way to Waffle House? Friday morning? How about each day for the next four days? Are we certain his mysterious “cold” isn’t, in fact, something decidedly more concerning? The newest Coronavirus variant, perhaps? And we’ve all learned those tests aren’t infallibly reliable in any case.

Then, suddenly, this: According to NBC News, Wednesday, our hapless Chief Exec changed up the narrative.

“Asked whether he’d received medical care after the debate, [he said] he was checked out by a doctor and that everything was fine, according to two sources familiar with the exchange. A few hours earlier, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that Biden hadn’t undergone any medical exams since February when he last received a thorough physical and took several tests.”

So a physician gave Biden the go-ahead to traipse across the country, mingling with thousands, even though he had a “cold”? What was this medical professional, a “Covid-denier”? An “anti-vaxxer”?

This manipulative bunch really needs to get their explanations aligned.

Here’s the bottom line: We just beheld the man who, with table-pounding alacrity, egged on the shuttering of his countrymen’s recreation, businesses, and liberties during the lock-down hysteria, spend nearly a week sashaying up close and personal with multitudes of citizens — all while we were informed he was suffering from symptoms which sounded sneakingly Covid-like.

So while the rest of us, during virus mania, were muscled into pushing the pause button on our LIVES for months on end, this enfeebled President’s need to rebound from a near-fatal campaign fail apparently means none of those somber guidelines apply to him?

It makes Gavin Newsome’s hypocritical COVID-era French Laundry fiasco, or Dr. Debra Birx’s embarrassing Thanksgiving family flub, seem like positively trivial oversights by comparison.

It also reminds us of one of the real world’s incontrovertible truths: with galling regularity, the rules that crimp regular folks — and certainly Republicans and conservatives — aren’t applicable to Democrats, liberals and Leftists; unless it suits them. It’s just the way it is. Don’t bother inquiring too closely about the double-standard.

What were the forty-sixth President and his handlers thinking with his “cold”-spreading spree? What was Jill Biden thinking? I’m confused; none of it makes any sense to me …

Oh dear! I hope I don’t have a cold …

Steve Pauwels

Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.