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California Killing: Daylight Robbery/Murder Of CEO’s 68yo Wife Impugns Lenient Prosecutors

You can lay responsibility for another killing at the feet of another Soros DA

Criminals are going to behave criminally… unless and until someone stops them. Unfortunately, California DAs do not prioritize stopping crime.

It’s one of many leftists policies that might sound enlightened and compassionate around a faculty lounge… but when put in practice, it makes even bad situations worse.

There are a lot of bad things contributing to California’s decline right now, but most of them intersect in some way to shifts in legal protections and personal safety springing directly from the hard left’s changes to the prosecution (or non-prosecution) of crime.

When criminals pay no price for a crime, they become emboldened. In this case, criminals with a past history robbed a grandmother in broad daylight, took her life, and fled the scene. When police caught up with them, it should surprise nobody at all that these were the sort of people often described as ‘known to police’.

First, the crime itself.

A New Zealand tourist was killed during a robbery at a California mall after the suspects struck her with their vehicle as they fled the scene, police said.

The incident unfolded Tuesday afternoon at Fashion Island, an outdoor shopping mall in Newport Beach, police said.

The woman and her husband were walking in the area when two suspects, one armed with a handgun, approached and robbed them, according to the Newport Beach Police Department.

“There was a struggle, and at this point we believe the suspects dragged her into the street,” Newport Beach Police spokesperson Sgt. Steve Oberon said during a presser Tuesday.

The two suspects then attempted to get into a white Toyota Camry sedan driven by a third suspect to flee the scene, police said.

“One of the suspects ran, while the vehicle fled and actually struck the female victim,” Oberon said. — ABCNews

The Victim, Patricia McKay

Newport Beach police said Patricia McKay, 68, was pulled onto the road following a struggle during an attempted robbery and was killed after being hit by a car driven by one of the offenders.

McKay, 68, was the wife of businessman Doug McKay, a former chair of BNZ’s board.
[…] “Trish was the wife of Doug McKay who was (amongst other significant roles) the inaugural CEO of the amalgamated Auckland Council

“Trish was amazing- funny, loyal, and loving. My absolute deepest sympathies to Doug and her family.”

Doug McKay’s former employer BNZ said it was a “tragic loss”. — RNZ

Other news stories indicate her delight in having recently become a grandmother. But to a couple of punks, she was nothing but an easy score. Her life — and those of others around her — meant little if anything at all. Three gunshots were fired.

‘Known to police’

The suspects fled, but all involved were apprehended after a chase.

The suspects were transported to the Newport Beach Police Department’s jail and booked for homicide, robbery with a firearm and conspiracy, police said.
They were identified by police Wednesday as Leroyernest Joseph McCrary, 26, of Compton; Jaden Cunningham, 18, of Lancaster; and Malachi Eddward Darnell, 18, of Los Angeles. It is unclear if they have an attorney who can speak on their behalf. — ABC

And here comes the George Gascon connection…

According to the LA Times, McCrary has a history of crimes in LA County and was arrested in October 2022 with being a narcotics addict in possession of a firearm.

He pleaded no contest to the felony charge the year after and was charged in a robbery case in September 2023 and again pleaded no contest.

For that, he received a concurrent sentence for both convictions and got two years of probation and three years in state prison, with the sentence being suspended.

The LA County DA George Gascón is a progressive prosecutor who has been vocal about his belief that the criminal justice system needs to focus more on intervention and rehabilitation, blasting ‘tough on crime’ policies as racist and a failure. — DailyMail

For some reason, criminals rewarded with lenience aren’t responding by becoming better citizens. Imagine that.

If only someone could have predicted that outcome. Oh wait… we all did.

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