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HEY DEMS: Today Is Day 273 Of An American Hostage Crisis… Do You CARE?

If Trump were in office, CNN would have a daily reminder on the corner of the screen

Remember that COVID death clock CNN and the other news stations had splashed prominently on the screen 24/7… right up until the moment Joe Biden took over?

If he were President today, do you suppose they would have a daily reminder of how long those American citizens were being held by their Hamas captors?

Within living memory, there was a time when the news WOULD give a daily update of hostages being held by

For anyone counting along at home, July 5th makes day 273 since American citizens in civilian situations were snatched from their ordinary lives and carried off as prizes of war.

Two-hundred and seventy-three days. That’s 8 months and 29 days, or 39 weeks.

For each new day that goes by, the likelihood of those hostages coming home alive grows slimmer. As it stands now, we know that many of the more than 100 unsuspecting civilians they stole from their homes or from a peace-themed music festival have been abused in unspeakable ways, many of them have already been killed.

Some have been held as prisoners by supposed civilians.

Those ‘genocide Joe’ protesters popping up all across America have made sure the concerns of Palestinian civilians caught in the crossfire between Israel and Hamas remain in the spotlight. But those same protesters would routinely and defiantly tear down the ‘missing’ posters of the victims those Hamas protesters… even American ones.

The message was loud and clear from the earliest waves of those Hamas-friendly protests. The lives of those hostages — American or otherwise — simply do NOT matter.

Biden and the media can barely bring themselves to acknowledge the 13 killed at Abbey Gate. They love to talk about events in Gaza, but you notice how we never seem to hear them talk about Iran bankrolling this pointless war? Do they mention the civilian targets Iran’s proxies are targeting? What of the 3 American troops killed in an Iran-backed drone strike in January, or two Americans lost in the responding to the Houthi attacks on shipping lanes?

Naw, the White House is busy micro-managing Israel’s response to a terror attack that killed 1200 civilians and making sure ISRAEL doesn’t act too provocatively in response. This is, you will recall, the same terror attack that took these American hostages in the first place.

If Ted Koppel were still delivering the news, we’d ALL know how many days it’s been since they’d been taken hostage, now wouldn’t we? And we’d probably know a lot more about the role that the genocidal Islamic supremacists in Iran have been playing in the escalating violence.

Maybe if the media weren’t so hard at work defending a mentally-defective Commander-in-Chief from criticism or losing an important election, they’d be able to speak more honestly about these things.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck