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HILARIOUS: Biden’s Title IX Agenda First Casualty Of SCOTUS Chevron Ruling

Biden's lawless agenda got a great big smack-down

Just when the Biden administration thought nothing could stand in the way of them taking a bulldozer to social and cultural norms, along comes SCOTUS to throw a wrench in their plans.

Congress was given the right to write laws. The Executive Branch was not.

Since the administrative state is an extension of the Executive Branch, it has no power to invent and enforce changes to the law beyond the scope of what was written.

That was the basis of the SCOTUS ruling reversing that same court’s 1984 Chevron Deference ruling, with the reversal of the ruling came the rolling back of the unintended consequences of empowering anonymous pencil-pushers into petty potentates and de facto lawmakers.

The Department of Education ordered changes to how Title IX would be instituted. Those changes were challenged in court, long before the Chevron ruling was handed down.

But when SCOTUS hands down a new ruling, it’s incumbent on any presiding judge to be aware of any impact such a ruling might have on pending cases. A federal judge in Kansas took what was handed down in SCOTUS and applied it to a Title IX case.

U.S. District Judge John Broomes issued a ruling Tuesday in response to a lawsuit brought by Southeastern Legal Foundation and Mountain States Legal Foundation on behalf of their clients, Moms for Liberty and Young America’s Foundation. The ruling applies to Alaska, Kansas, Utah, Wyoming and a middle school in Stillwater, Oklahoma. — ChristianPost

Judge Broomes ruled that the two-gendered meaning of sex as referenced in the original legislation was to be applied in its original meaning.

Earlier this year, the Department of Education announced new Title IX regulations, slated to go into effect in August. The expansion of the definition of “sex” to include gender identity and sexual orientation prompted several states to sue, fearing the new rule could deprive women of equal opportunities in sports and privacy in bathrooms.

Broomes wrote that “legislative history” surrounding the 1972 civil rights law makes it clear that “sex” meant biological sex, not gender identity and sexual orientation. He added that Title IX prohibits discrimination that awards preferential treatment to one sex over the other but doesn’t prohibit differential treatment in the form of “sex separation” or “sex-specific benefits,” so long as one gender is not treated as inferior to the other.

“The Final Rule would, among other things, require schools to subordinate the fears, concerns, and privacy interests of biological women to the desires of transgender biological men to shower, dress, and share restroom facilities with their female peers,” Broomes wrote. “Moreover, to expand sex discrimination to encompass ‘self-professed and potentially ever-changing gender identity is inconsistent with Title IX’s sex-separation dictates.'” — ChristianPost

Is it any wonder a wave of panic rippled through the deep state when the Supreme Court said they no longer had the authority to invent new laws with the stroke of a pen?

Now, whenever they try to cram an agenda down our throats, it can be challenged in court.

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