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EXPOSED: Media’s BIG LIE That Joe Biden Is As ‘Sharp As A Tack’ (VIDEO)

The Partisan Presstitutes think you're stupid.

Joe Biden is now only a shell of the mediocrity he once was. Now that the worst-kept secret in Washington is out, influential Democrats are scrambling to decide what their best move forward might be.

After rigging the game so that Biden could be the only candidate in the Democrat’s 2024 primary, they are shocked to realize that a single debate was enough to reveal the secrets they have been so carefully hiding all along.

There’s a real sense of panic now. For example, Carville was on Tapper’s show calling for the ‘cry havoc’ model where he throws open the mosh pit to all comers and someone comes out on top.

Unfortunately, the correct window for that process was the Primary. That window has closed. He has rightly called the path forward ‘messy’. We might also add the word ‘undemocratic’, since the public has already chosen someone. It’s not their fault the DNC gave them a menu with only one meal option.

The problem isn’t just their lousy candidate. The bigger problem is that his faults were deliberately concealed by complicit members of his party, members of his staff, and the media watchdogs whose job it is to tell the public the truth so they can play out their constitutional role as informed citizens.

In exactly the same way they hid the seriousness of Fetterman’s stroke until the election was finalized (political power was at stake, dontchaknow!), they hid the seriousness of Joe Biden’s badly unraveling mental state.

Unlike Fetterman’s stroke, there is nothing even the best medical science can do for advancing dementia of whichever sort Joe appears to have.

The real problem America faces is the corporate media that knew the truth and put personal political preferences, profit, or some other agenda ahead of the best interests of the country.

How many times have we heard these same clods lecture us about ‘country over party’ loyalties when it could be used as a barb against Trump. But when the truth threatens their side’s political power, they all get in line to recite the same lie.

The worst part is that it’s obviously being orchestrated by … an anonymous and unaccountable Someone. That Someone will likely pay no price (in this life anyway) for the immense damage he, she, or they are doing.

Elon himself boosted the video as he champions his platform, X, as an antidote to the poisonous lies spread by the corporate media.

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