No Country for Weak Men: America’s Growing Threat from Extremism

In the last week America has been embarrassed and attacked abroad for no reason other than we have a leader who cannot lead. Since radicals tore down our flag in Cairo, two things have become painfully clear. Sympathizing with the enemy is admitting weakness and there is no country for weak men.

I find it personally offensive that some Americans and our government have been actively finding ways to blame ourselves and everyone except those responsible for these actions. When I listen to the things that are being released by both the White House and the State Department I am reminded of Neville Chamberlain, to be quite honest.

The fact that this administration took time to condemn the now infamous YOUTUBE video before condemning the attack on our embassy in Cairo only suits to show the world that we are weak and complacent. Weakness and complacency is not going to allow us the chance for victory against Muslim extremists.

In the days shortly after 9/11 I really thought that we had a chance to defeat this evil that was allowed to incubate and grow in the far off exotic lands of the Middle East. Since viewing the pictures of a United States ambassador being dragged through the streets of Libya this morning, it is now painfully clear that in our current state of mind we cannot win this conflict.

Even in the hours after our first embassy was attacked in Cairo and the Al Qaeda flag was raised over it, our government released an apology to this mob of radicals and attempted to sympathize with them. You see, what the President and most liberals do not comprehend is that these are not civilized people and they cannot be treated as such. Sympathizing with them only shows them that we are weak and not a nation to be feared.

Did we sympathize with Hitler when we mercilessly bombed the German town of Dresden? There truly is no country for weak men. As long as weak men fill the chairs of power in America we will never win this war.

It is startling to me how much this mirrors the woes of the Carter Administration when dealing with radical Islam. Jimmy Carter was our last president who also felt as though treating terrorists with legitimacy and giving them a voice would work. Instead the Shah was ousted and our embassy overrun by the very people we are now fighting again. This is no coincidence either.

Weakness spreads like a disease and everyone around you knows that you are carrying it. Much like in the wild, wolves and other such predators will pick off the weak prey in the herd, so it is in the world of foreign policy. Folks, there is a reason that Iran released every hostage they were holding the day Reagan came into office. As such, if we don’t decide right now to shed this exterior of weakness, we will eventually be picked off and our way of life will cease to exist.

I have heaviness in my heart for the four Americans who senselessly lost their lives yesterday on a day that is already stained with the blood of so many innocent Americans. However, more disturbing is the trend that I am seeing in the Left. Instead of remembering and being angry, as I still am today eleven years later, they are making excuses and finding reasons why it is our fault.

I want to end the column this week with a rather profound thought that I had this morning while viewing the bodies of our dead being desecrated in the streets of Libya. What is it about our civilized society that allows us to make no room for righteous anger and vengeance? Every civilized society in the world has been based on one simple legal principle: retribution.

But now Barack Obama and the liberal Left feel there is another way, the Jimmy Carter way. They think that if we can just sit down and talk it out with radical Islam we can all live together. Well, the fact is, that is just not true. We cannot negotiate with people who are on a mission from Allah to destroy the infidels. The only thing we are doing by refusing to seek retribution is exposing weakness. So if we wish to have a country for old men, then I suggest we start by running a country of strong men who believe in violence and action against what has become a worldwide scourge of Islamic terrorism.

Image: Dorothy meets the Cowardly Lion, from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz first edition; 1900; Library of Congress LC Control No.: 03032405 (p. 81); Illustration by W.W. Denslow (d. 1915); public domain; copyright expired.

About the author: Mark Mayberry

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  • TheBastard

    We are screwed.

  • fliteking

    Liberal Amerikans have long been on the path of castrating our nations males. From schools to soccer moms to puffy sweaty liberal guys afraid of their own shadows – – -the effort is beginning to pay off for the liberals – – – with not a second thought given to the damage down to both young males and the Country as a whole.

    Real men are scarce in the USA, and often seen as the enemy.

    • Vincent

      Consider the feminizing factors that are so prevalent today. Psychiatric drugs, illicit drugs, lack of real exercise, a diet that is filled with simple carbs and the resulting epidemic of obesity, public schools that punish kids for standing up to bullies, pacifism, a media that extols the feminist ideals and mocks males, the antigun propaganda and the hours spent staring at the smartphone. And parents that abdicate the job of raising their kids to the public schools.

      • Jamieos

        And soy – anything SOY will make your sons into girlie men, and will feed estrogen in females, which if you have had cancer ladies is the worst thing you can do. So the next time you see a “trusted source” push soy, do not trust anything from that person ever again. If you feed your boys soy anything they will be what is in effect emasculated. Look it up!

    • scrambo

      Dead On!

  • 19gundog43

    If we do not defeat this spineless, Marxist, Muslim-loving, metrosexual,
    closet homosexual(?), phony squatter in the people’s WH America will be
    completely destroyed. We have become the laughing stock of the world now. With
    the bomb threats across America and the war, yes war being waged across the
    globe against our embassies we have become a punching bag for these barbarian
    monsters. Man up Obumma and show some stones for the first time in your life and
    admit you are not fit for the job and disappear for good.

  • scrambo

    I use to think we need a military coup to clean out washington, and hold new elections with one condition…don’t send anymore socialist trash back to washington…now even the military has been compromised….as one patriot said, “these are times that try mens’ souls.”

  • bruce101

    mark there are no moderate or radical muzzies there are only muzzies who are nothing but insane human savages and can not to reasoned with we can only kill them.the more muzzies we kill the less muzzies will screw with us.this worked when the brits went into afghanistan and killed every raghead,goat, chicken and mullha they came accross.this is the only way to keep muslim scum from attacking us.we must kill every one in benghazi,starting with the mullahs in their mosks on friday night.

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