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  • http://www.facebook.com/diane.schrader Diane Schrader

    Fortunately, many of us fleeing CA, in reality, are right-thinkers who just couldn’t stand the trade-off anymore – the amazing natural beauty and awesome weather for the insanity, taxes, regulations, political correctness, crime, poverty, corruption, etc. By the way, CA lovers (or haters) should take a gander at this, in which local journalists actually act like – well, journalists (shocking, I know): http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2013/02/04/on-the-money-officials-defy-governors-ban-on-travel-rack-up-80k-bill/

    • Proud2bfromtheUSA

      Diane If you are truly a conservative come to NC we have the same awesome scenery and we get all four seasons, sometimes all on the same day.

      • thismustend

        NC voted ObaMAO, is overrun by racist blacks & is rapidly becoming forever blue.

    • http://www.facebook.com/grant.halverson.1 Grant Halverson

      I’m so glad to hear who you are Diane, but many of us ARE FEARFUL that Californians will move to and ruin other states….Hopefully they are smart enough to understand WHY and HOW things got so bad. KarenWI

      • jeepdude911

        It’s understandable that some bad (liberal) people have given you a reason to be suspicious, but like Diane stated, right thinkers like myself and my wife are looking to relocate to a red state. I will trade my ocean view in a hot second for some freedom and an opportunity to live among some people who share my values. Believe me, San Francisco sucks!

        • rikem9984

          Hey you are welcome here in SC!

          • disgusted demacrat

            Dont be so sure I moved to S.C. 23 years ago from south F.L. where the northeasten liberals have invaded (washerwoman shultz) to just south of the N.C. state line and see the same thing happening in York County S.C. not so much in Chester County as of yet!!

    • thismustend

      It is, in my opinion, the most beautiful State in the U.S. which is why it is so heart breaking to see it completely destroyed.

    • TLady62

      Same here, Diane. I’m looking to get out, too.

    • kemonks

      I remember when CA was truly beautiful, in the 50s.
      Then came overpopulation and pollution.

  • gatorbait51

    I hope these folks come on down to South Louisiana . .we can take them gator hunting

    • (moi) Nick Taxia

      And trust me, liberals taste good. ….Whata’ ya think we ate to stay alive in D.C. years ago during those epic snow storms?

      • gatorbait51

        I was there for snowmageddon. Liberals taste okay with enough spice but are not very filling, sort of like kool whip without the the charm

        • Berzrkr50

          Funny, I always thought they’d have a distinctly rotten taste…

          • disgusted demacrat

            And smell like spoiled milk!!

          • WASP

            They always look like they they just tasted some. I wondered why they all look like they have a bad case of diarrhea.

          • gatorbait51

            That’s why one spices them up a lot. Sort of the reason for French cooking ..

      • tedthebear

        First ya have to shake all the crap out of them and after you’ve done that it takes about a dozen to make a meal!

    • 820 REDHORSE

      I heard they give gators the squirts! Must be cause they’re contaminated!

      • gatorbait51

        One word-Imodium

    • WASP

      Use them for bait? Maybe they’ll make a TV “reality” show out of it. “Gators committ suicide by swallowing Mexifornia Libtards”.

      • boone1

        Liberals are Gator tards

    • Strider73

      Not even the hungriest gator could stomach a libtard.

  • David Taylor

    Funny enough, but the bunch described above went to Oregon and Washington long ago, hence the term ‘Californication’. The people fleeing Fascism now, like the Buck family of Buck Knives, are another bunch.

    • tedthebear

      I lived in eastern Washington for 40 years and finally got fed up with the liberals who moved there from the granola state. A good friend from there called me after I moved and asked why I had moved to Oklahoma. I had to tell him that our idea of a traffic jam is 2 pickup trucks waiting for a combine to get off the road and when folks wave at you here it’s with all five fingers!

      • Strider73

        As a native Texan I historically had little good to say about OK. But its being the only state where Obongo never carried a single county has raised its standing by a huge margin.

  • Difster

    I am a libertarian that fled California for Austin, TX. This city is the liberal bastion of Texas and I aim to roll that back as much as possible and put some liberty loving roots down that won’t easily be torn up or poisoned.

    • ross

      Good luck, and keep Austin weird.

  • Chad

    This article should be in every newspaper around the country!!!

    • boone1

      All the of the newspapers are communist now they only print what the government tells them to print.They are like the MSM.

  • Idadho

    They have come to Idaho in droves and clogged our roads and highways with road rage. Their self-importance and impatience is ruining the friendly values of Idaho culture.

    • thismustend

      Yeah, Washington too. Also Oregon, NV & parts of Montana.

    • bobseeks

      They are like an AIDs epidemic on wheels.

    • Public_Citizen

      Spread the word. Put covenants in all your real estate dealings to prohibit the sale of real property to anyone possessing a California Drivers License. It is only a temporary rear guard action until the courts get involved but will act to slow the process and send the message “you and your attitudes aren’t welcome here”.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    I believe that in the end run California will implode before these nasty “typhoid mary’s” infect the nation. At that point we must cordon off the state and remake in our image. No illegals, no over spending, no pot. We will remake what was undone by the liberals. A state were you could make money, live well and be safe none of that is going on now.

  • Cheryl

    Don’t come to Indiana!!! We are fiscally responsible and for the most part, Christian. We don’t want any more liberal idiots than we already have.

  • Berzrkr50

    I’m hoping that people from Commiefornia aren’t all thought of like this story portrays. In reality there are many right thinking people that are sick to death of the insane thinking people in this state. I too am planning to bail as soon as I retire so I can spend the remainder of my life amongst red staters and I can assure the people out there that, as a bitter clinger, I won’t be bringing ANY of that insane, bullshit thinking with me!

    • reggiec

      If you stay east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains; California is still conservative. The left coast is the problem. But then good ole mother nature may solve the problem. The San Andreas and Inglewood/Newport earthquake faults run right through the most liberal parts of California.

  • webeers

    Pretty funny satire. But the element of truth is that many of these people cannot see the
    simple cause and effect of their vacuous Keynesian collectivism paradigm. They vote for governmental theft and tyranny yet are shocked when they get it.

  • bobseeks

    In construction, when a house is demolished, an exterminator goes in first and kills all the rodents, cockroaches, and other vermin. This is done in order to prevent these vermin from fleeing to neighboring houses. Maybe the same thing should be done in California.

  • Hookemowls

    It blows my mind when I drive around our prospering state of Texas and see bumper stickers that say “turn texas blue”. All I can guess is that liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

    • ggswede

      I’m a long haul truck driver,based in California.On my mud flaps,I’ve got a cartoon of the guy with his back turned and his pants down.And a liquid stream ( urinating ) with big words ” ON O’BAMA “.Every time I pass through the truck scales,I get pulled in,and am told to remove the cartoon off my mudflaps.” THEY’RE STILL THERE “! When out and about,I wear t-shirts with various comments regarding patriotism.And am confronted all the time,but when a liberal gets loud when trying to put me down,I get louder,and prove without a doubt,” in public “,how stupid his views are .” YEAH, there are still some of us around ,who are not afraid to stand up to these people of questionable education! ” And I might add,the numbers are slowly growing.What we need here,is more right wing thinking people ,to move back to our once great state.In the meantime,I’ll continue the fight !

  • thismustend

    They have completely destroyed Seattle/Wa. State, Portland/Oregon & are well on their way in NV as well.
    Liberalism truly IS a MENTAL ILLNESS. Just look at the psychopaths that practice it such as Nancy Pelosi, that woman belongs in the mental ward for sure.

  • CalGirlsince1850

    There really are two Californias. The coasts are dominated by the lunatic left and the voting districts are gerrymandered to give them power. But if you go to the rural North, the Central Valley and even Orange Country, you find perfectly sane conservatives with no voice whatsoever. I live in both places, and the contrast is shocking.

  • WhiteFalcon

    If they are going to continue to vote for the commieonazicrats, they should go, maybe to New York or Massachusetts.

  • JIm

    It sounds like the same system that is driving certain “religious” types from the Middle East and Africa to the US!

  • FAY

    And don’t forget Colorado. They have for sure Californicated it!

  • Sense1

    Satire it is not, Florida has been suffering from a bounty of New York nitwits and Broward county is the proof.

    • Strider73

      Almost as bad is the bounty of Puerto Ricans in central FL the last ~15 years. Parts of Kissimmee/St. Cloud and Orlando have become virtual suburbs of San Juan.

  • HowardLast

    Just hope they don’t come here to Wyoming. We relocated to Wyoming from the Peoples Republik of New York State. We had to get away from the nitwits with their insane taxes and regulations. The idiots from Kalifornia won’t like it here. It snows a lot, temperatures drop to 30 below and wind blows at 80+ mph. Roads are closed do to whiteouts. And this is during the summer. Stay where you are and enjoy the high taxes and crazy regulations you wanted. Oh yea we are still fighting the Indians.

  • JWB

    Correction for the last line of the first paragraph; Florida is the “Sunshine” state, California is the “Golden” state. (Disclaimer: I live in both states)

  • 820 REDHORSE

    Down here in rural South GA. Poultry ,cows,hogs, and farming have been a way of life fer a lot of us for decades, most families still own & farm the same property as their parents and great-grand folks ,had some folks move from boston to the next county over, the land they bought was between 2 poultry farms and both farms grow the Vidailia Sweet onions. Well the first thing these folks complained about was the smell of the poultry houses, and then they really raised hell about the farmers spreading chicken litter(poop) on their fields as fertilizer, and then they screamed about the farmers spraying onions with chemicals, the they poo-pooed about the smell of onions during harvest, then they cried about the onions that are kicked out during the grade process( Farmers haul the bad onions to the fields and plow’em in) which is putting nutrients back in the land and yes it’ll smell for a bit, well they called EPA and DNR to file complaints. They fought their neighbors tooth and nail until it finally went to court, the boston bunch tried to sue the 2 farmers for their so-called crimes against nature. on the 3rd day of hearings, the judge had finally heard enough, he sent the lawyers and the rest to sit down, then as only an ole southern judge could do, he stood up behind his bench and said , Did y’all realize these farms were there before you bought the property? Yes sir we did. Did y’all realize these were working farms with poultry houses,cattle and row crops? Yes sir we did. And with these 2 working farms within a miile and a half of each other you still bought the property,knowing there are gonna be odors from cows & chickens and onions? Yes sir we did. Well ,the judge said heres my decision…..Either you all can SMELL IT OR SELL IT!!! He slammed the gavel down and said case closed! This is a true story by the way,sorry its so long, but I thought you all would enjoy it.

    • Public_Citizen

      Great story! 8^)
      So did the Boston Bozos sell? at a loss I hope.

      • 820 REDHORSE

        OOOOPs!! Yes they did sell, I left that part out by accident. I ws told they moved to Maryland, damn shame though, wait till they smell dead craps!

        • Public_Citizen

          Put a large tick mark in the columns for common sense and rural sensibilities.
          The Boston expats shouldn’t have any problems finding like minded neighbors in Maryland. I hope the locals decide to sue the pants off of them for – whatever.

          • 820 REDHORSE

            Indeed! Just FYI this judge is retiring this year, and his son may be taking over his slot. Thankfully we still have judges with common sense down here, even the younger judges!! So far we have’nt had too many liberturd judges infiltrate & pollute our courts. by the way on the subject of the farm the boston expats left behind,, it sold on the courthouse steps and the 2 farmers bought it for less than half its market value, they’ll split it up 50=50 between them. Found that out last night, I thought that was a proper ending for these 2 farmers nightmare.

          • Public_Citizen

            Now that is justice of BIBLICAL proportion.
            Unfortunately, the proper bostonians probably walked away from the place leaving a mortgageholder stuck with the consequences.
            I hope they get 1099d for the loss and have to deal with the IRS for their poor decision making abilities.

  • WASP

    Where are these fascist-progressives going to find a state that’s more liberal than Mexifornia? Maybe they should move to the mob enclave of Chicago, or NYC, or DC. I don’t think left coast lefties will be happy anywhere else. But, being obviously delusional, they think that Californication is screwed up because it not progressive enough. Just don’t grasp the concept of cause and effect. Crazy as a couple of bedbugs.

  • $22091572

    at this rate in 10 years California is going to look like East St. Louis.. nothing there but broken down buildings.. trash.. drugs.. gangs.. oh wait it already does..

  • LiberRepubliCrat

    This piece may be satire, but I can tell you as a native Oregonian that it’s painfully close to the truth.

  • Public_Citizen

    It may have been written as satire but, like all good satire, there is a bitter truth at the core.
    Ask the people of Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and etc. what effect California expats have had on their states. The answer will overwhelmingly be that the Californians have brought their problem causing attitudes with them and agitated for the same sort of laws that caused them to flee California in the first place.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder. Science is beginning to recognize and document this as a fact. It behaves like a virus that, once acquired, is almost impossible to be totally rid of.
    California Liberalism is one of the most infectious strains of the disease as it spreads from the host state to surrounding states and begins to infect the social consciousness of those environments.
    I say this as a multi-generation native Californian who has successfully avoided the infection through regular dosages of historical research into the growth of California and investigation of the causes for the decline and impending bankruptcy of the formerly Golden State.

  • reggiec

    I think the article is distorting the facts a bit. The majority of folks leaving California are those who want to move to a state that is more in line with their own ideology. There might be a few that are liberal that move where living on retirement is more affordable but the vast majority just want to escape the idiocy of the left in California.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.l.herbert Brenda L. Herbert

    I have been concerned about this kind of thing happening. Keep em outta Texas. What needs to happen is they need to be forced to live and deal with the bullsh$% they voted for.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000026441868 Roy Coleman

    come to mississippi and try your crap and you will get a good ole southern ass whipping

  • Aggie95

    Dear God you don’t want to come to Texas…. we have so many guns in the state its likely that you will be shot at least once in an average lifespan…. our eduction system still uses chalk and slate and thats pretty high tech for here about …. alot of the hillybillies and other folk down this away still believe in God …. in fact you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting either a church or a preacher ….sometimes both ….. we pull our pants up …. we got gators and fire ants and near as I can tell about 105 different kind of poisonous snakes ….1/2 our spiders are posionious and the other 1/2 have bad attitudes …. we got roaches big as dinner plates and buzzards to pick your bones …. its 100 degree’s all year long and the other 1./2 the time its a – 10 below ….we got wind and dust storms, hurricanes and to stave off bordom we have the odd tornado just to keep ya fleet of foot …. our welfare programs are so bad ya almost have to get a job to survive ….you kill someone in Texas they will by god return the favor …we shoot trespassers and thieves and those we don’t shoot we loose in our prison system …..we drive big gas guzzling pick up trucks with gun racks and we eat beef …. lots of beef ….in fact we think so much of beef we give dern near entire counties over to them …. our liberals down this away ain’t free ranging liberals we got so few of them we put them in preserves called cities where they can find other of their kind to interact with and every once in awhile we go in to clean up the bodies and cull the herd …. no you don’t want to come to Texas ….in fact if I had managed to aquire any sort of skills I would have left a long time ago and moved to Detroit

  • http://www.facebook.com/whisper.atnight.5 Whisper Atnight

    “We’ve voted as progressively as possible in every election since our twenties, and yet things are worse than ever. It’s, like, so bizarre.”

    .Don’t come to TEXAS unless your willing to forget your Liberalism and tote a gun.

  • Mark Hudson

    So true. I grew up in So-Cal then lived in OR. Recently relocated to So PA. I do miss intelligent conversation at times but don’t miss the “self screwing organisms” that want to run every one elses’ lives that are so common on the WC. One thing that I’ve learned about the “creeping socialism” problem is this: Most workin’ “Joe Bobs” don’t pay attention to the fact that these “do-gooders” are ruining the traditional “live and let live” American way of life one tax and one law at a time. We have forgotten the “vigilance” warnings given us by “The Founders”. Making a democracy “work” isn’t as simple as just “minding your own business and doing the right thing”. We must “protect” our freedoms from those that would enslave us! That especially means: Tyranny from within.

  • Guest

    I want to move out of California too! But only so I can return to South Carolina and shoot every god damn Californian that comes into that state!

  • Rudy

    “evilness”? Really?? C’mon man, step up your vocabulary. Your illiteracy is draining away all of the credibility you have left (which is minimal at best).

  • Endthedivision

    Do you have a job? Are you on the dole? A taker?

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