I Am a Gun

by R.G. Yoho
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

MH900398959I am a gun. I have challenged the waves and crossed a vast, unforgiving sea. I have landed on these shores. I am held by the pilgrim, the pioneer, and the trail blazer. I have brought civilization to a barren wilderness.

I am a gun. I have fed the early settlers. I have protected their cabins. I have flamed in the cause of liberty. I have brought down tyrants. I have given birth to a brave and noble land of freedom.

I am a gun. I have ended slavery. I have tamed the West. I have established law and order. I have crossed a continent.

I am a gun. I am fallen into the dirt wherever brave warriors die. I rest beside their bodies. I am stained with their blood. I am covered by their battle helmets. Planted with my bayonet in the soil, I stand as a battlefield cross, a simple but poignant memorial for their sacrifice.

I am a gun. I returned across that vast, unforgiving sea. I have won two World Wars. I have flown over war-torn skies. I have jumped from planes, parachuting into danger.

I am a gun. I have stormed the beaches, the jungles, the volcanic sands, and the frozen land. I have won great victories and signed peace treaties. I have returned to our shores for ticker tape parades and sometimes with no welcome at all.

I am a gun. I started out as a rather primitive weapon, only firing one shot before I must be reloaded. But as the times changed and as man progressed, so did I.

I am a gun. I can be used for both good and evil. I can take a life. I can be used to save them.

I am a gun. I can inflict great hardship and suffering upon many in my path. I can also be used by good men to stop the actions of evil ones. I can end the bloodshed and restore peace.

I am a gun. I can put meat on a family’s table. I can protect your household from harm by intruders. I can provide a means of recreation.

I am a gun. If left untouched upon the table or nightstand, I can harm no one.

I am a gun. I cannot drive to an elementary school, a crowded shopping mall, or a Hollywood movie premiere.

I am a gun. My eye cannot see but where I am pointed. I have no motive. I have no soul. I have no compassion. I hold no malice.

I am a gun. I cast no vote. I hold no political allegiance. I embrace no party. I employ no political agenda. I practice no faith.

I am a gun. When only the military or the police may own me, then I will always be used to inflict great numbers of deaths upon their citizens.

I am a gun. Hitler used me to drive millions of Jews into cattle cars like livestock, transporting them to the gas chambers for their deaths. Stalin, Mao, and other notorious butchers of humanity used me to maintain their evil and twisted lust for power.

I am a gun. Those who seek to remove me from the hands of a free people are brothers to those who commit great acts of genocide.

I am a gun. I can be used to stop the forces of evil. I can be used for evil itself.

I am a gun. Those who use me to harm others can only be stopped by those who wisely employ me in their defeat.

I am a gun. Samuel Colt understood that I could even the odds against those of overwhelming strength or superior numbers. I have made it possible for the meek to overcome the mighty.

I am a gun. When you mention the names of Wyatt Earp, Bill Hickok, Alvin York, Audie Murphy, and Chris Kyle, it brings me to mind. Their mastery of me made them famous.

I am a gun. I have been praised and cursed. I have been both destroyed and treasured. I have been proudly passed down from father to son.

I am a gun. I am only as good or as bad as the ones who possess me.

I am a gun. I am the defender of liberty. I am the guarantor of free speech. I am a friend of the free. I am the missing element of the enslaved.

I am a gun. My purposes and my destiny are in your hands alone.

I am a gun.

get-attachmentR.G. Yoho is a writer and author of six books.

  • http://VaGunForum.net Virginia Gun Owners Forum

    I am a gun. My friends are Liberty, Freedom, Sovereignty, Independence and Personal Responsibility. My enemies are Oppression, Persecution, Tyranny and Despotism.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Well said!

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        Is this available for posting on other Conservative websites?

        • R.G. Yoho

          If you will credit the column to me and Clash Daily, I don’t think it would be a problem at all.

    • WASP

      …and politicians.

      • tedthebear

        ……and rust.

    • OldTinCan

      …and madness,

    • TexasJester

      And rust.

  • USNbubblehead

    Well, from the picture, it looks like you’re a squirt gun.


    • USNbubblehead

      Dare to bear.

  • BigUgly666

    RG – may we use this?

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Like I told someone else, if you credit Clash Daily and me for the column, I don’t believe it would be a problem at all.

      • BigUgly666

        Thank you – my copy is dated, cited, and authored.
        Thank you for the thought you put into your article.

  • Mutley46

    Not one politician or one person wishing to ban guns will read this (for they cannot read, only react). That is too bad because one needs to understand what he does not know.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      I think you are correct.

  • texasvet65

    Very well done. I would only add one place and one name: Remember the Alamo and Geroge S. Patton

    Posted on Patriot Action Network ( without permission – but with link and credit) In the Constitutional Issues discussions section http://patriotaction.net/forum/topics/i-am-a-gun-commentary

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      I wish I had included those two examples as well. And thanks for sharing this.

  • auhunter

    Beautifully done. One of the reasons I come to this site. Rational thought by rational people.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pad-Dar/100002515504977 Pad Dar

    Gr8 work

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Thank you!

  • marineh2ominer

    There is no one in Washington with as much power to protect us as the gun in our hands !

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Very true.

  • FSHNT21

    Should be mandatory reading in BOTH Houses of Congress,,,,

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Thank you, but I’m afraid that would make their lips tired.

  • AgentProvocateur

    I understand and agree with your reason for writing this, but every statement which is structured like “I have fed early settlers” rather than “I was used by early settlers for hunting” does a disservice to gun rights by personifying guns. Remember those liberals who love to blame inanimate objects for mass murder? Stop fueling the fire.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      I guess I will have to disagree with you. This column would do nothing with them except to further fuel their contempt.

  • sgtshel

    If America let’s our 2nd Amendment be erased…….we will let Tyranny be the rule of the land!
    My father did not fight for that at Normandy..nor my uncles in Korea….nor I in VietNam…and neither did YOU!

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho


      • sgtshel

        Roger that……

  • http://twitter.com/ORTOOSSI Jeffrey Ross

    When a man is all things to men and all men all things to every other man the need for intervening devices shall cease. We will, then, say stop. Killers will have stopped, long ago. Our memories, of the gun, like any relics of our past colored in the light of the prism we see through will remain a divided truth. Until then, there is no one who is all things to all men and the killer doesn’t stop. A gun is a nice hobby awaiting a wolf at the door and the howl of our fellow men.

  • wdcraftr

    AS far as AR15’s go, why can the DHS buy Thousands of Fully Automatic M16 Weapons for crowd control, but don’t want us to have semi automatic? Do they think that Bonnie and Clyde are being resurrected? Do we really want to face full autos with a 5 round revolver, or a single shot rifle? I think we need to upgrade to M16’s too..

  • Doc

    Sadly you are all correct in he is preaching to the choir. Regardless it is well written and has a clear message even for those of us in the choir. Lets hope we see more like this. Who knows, maybe some day the lamestream media might accidentally print this? Nah, just wishful thinking.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Thanks, Doc. Educating all of those that we can is our only hope of turning things around.

  • Dodie1990

    Wonderful The truth. Guns do no harm, on;y improper users do. I hope the gun grabbers fail, but am very aFRAID.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      I, too, share your concerns.

  • Cameron

    Everyone, especially those who serve in Congress & State Legislatures, need to listen to Lorne Greene’s (Ben Cartwright on Bonanza) album that contains “I Am A Gun”. Well-written article.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Thank you.

  • Chief47

    I am a gun. I hate the fact that Obama, Feinstelin and so many other bleeding heart liberals are trying to take me from my rightful owners.

  • greyghost69

    R.G., may I have your permission to say this out loud to fellow gun owners? I love it. Dave.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Go for it, Dave.

  • greyghost69

    The two worst enemies a gun has are rust, and polititions.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      …and lack of ammunition.

  • Indentured

    I am a gun. I am there when needed and missed when I am not. Outstanding article!

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho


  • Berzrkr50

    Too much logic for the liberal mind to comprehend…

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Libs only think they are smart.

      • Ogrrre

        Disagree! Libs only feel they are smart. If they thought, they wouldn’t be libs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004675299764 David Paul

    My Dear Sir, Paul Harvey has often said “A single gunshot makes more noise than a thousand prayers.” He was explaining why (gun) violence makes headlines, but self defence actions do not. Thanks for essay! Best Regards, Sgt. at Arms, David Paul

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Thanks you, David, from a fellow Paul Harvey fan.

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