Gun Control Vote: This Time Barack “I Won” Obama Lost

800px-President_Barack_Obama_reflectsJeannie DeAngelis
by Clash Daily Guest Contributor

It seems like eons ago, but following the historic inauguration of Barack Obama, seemingly seconds after the National Mall was swept clean, our new leader and his big-spending cohorts decided it was time to stimulate the economy. Looking back on what now seems to be a hallmark of Obama’s governing style, supposedly for the good of the people, the president immediately stressed the urgency of having to pass a stimulus plan.

At the time, President Obama called together and proceeded to lecture a small group of high-ranking Democrat and Republican leaders from both the House and the Senate and justified the stimulus by saying:

“Look, we are all political animals here, if we don’t do this, we may lose seats. I may not be re-elected. But none of that’s going to matter if we don’t pass this because the economy will be in a crisis and the American people will be hurting.”

Before signing on to the $825 billion plan, besides proposing job-stimulating alternatives, Republicans objected especially to giving tax credits to people who don’t pay taxes. The minority group of Republicans was also troubled by a provision that would allow states to offer Medicaid family planning services, such as contraceptives, which they felt had nothing to do with an economic stimulus. Since then, America has come to realize that Obama’s provisions stimulated something, but it sure wasn’t the economy.

The president responded to all the Republican concerns with a comment he directed toward the then Republican House Minority Whip from Virginia, Eric Cantor, saying, “on some of these issues we’re just going to have ideological differences.” Then he added, “I won. So I think on that one, I trump you.”

It’s four years later and the stimulus package accomplished the very thing Obama predicted would happen had it not passed: “the economy [is] in a crisis and the American people [are] hurting.”

At the time, neither the Republicans nor the rest of the nation realized it, but the president’s “I won” comment summed up what would become Barack Obama’s signature attitude. Obama’s win convinced him that his vision trumps every obstacle and any lawmaker voting on behalf of his or her constituency. One completed term and 153 Executive Orders later, and with more on the way, it appears that in Obama’s mind his vision even trumps the US Constitution.

Thus, for the first two years of his presidency, Barack Obama found ways to get his way. After the 2010 election, when the Republicans won back control of the House, every time his agenda was thwarted what followed were sour-faced denunciations of Republicans and harsh words for the “fat cats” or the oil companies or the whoever. Now, his proposal to expand background checks for gun purchases was just six votes short of the 60 needed to pass – and Obama is having a hissy fit.

If truth be told, Barack Obama has never accepted responsibility for failure. Neither is he a bastion of truth. Therefore his initial reaction was to immediately blame the National Rifle Association (NRA) for lying and to then call the Senate’s 54-46 decision “a pretty shameful day for Washington.”

Barack Obama labeling the day the US Senate decided to protect the Second Amendment shameful, when he openly supports a truly shameful day in 1973 when abortion became legal in the United States, exposed the depths of his own personal and political depravity.

Flanked by the Newtown victims’ families and Gabby Giffords sans Mark ‘AR-15’ Kelly, in the Rose Garden of the White House the president falsely accused the 4.5 million-member National Rifle Association of asserting that his goal was to “create some sort of big-brother gun registry.” The president defiantly maintained that his gun control bill “did the  opposite” and accused the pro-gun lobby of exhibiting a “pattern of spreading untruths,” which he argued, “served a purpose.”

  • Chuck Palenti

    awww what an O-BUMMERRRRRRR

  • mikeinidaho

    Heh, heh, heh. sucks to be a communist dictator-wannabe, huh, Barry?
    We the People will fight to take back the Republic! Deal with it, beeotch!

  • Bill Board

    It’s about time Osamba be told NO!

    • 7papa7

      The problem is that if you tell him NO he goes around the Constitution to get a yes. He has NO, zero, nil respect for the rule of law only his anti American agenda.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Obozo is the new little Hitler boy, glad the cry baby, Nazi lost and hope he keeps losing as he is a illegal joke on America, A product of Kenya and a mother who didn’t know who his daddy was. I can tell him. Satan is your daddy and your just like him, a liar, murdering rapist from the beginning you so and so from hell.

  • ADRoberts

    The VERY thing that he is GUILTY of, he accuses those who defeated him.
    This is part of disinformation that the Russians, liberals, communists socialists and elitist use on a regular basis. Only the sheeple believe him.
    He is now taling on TV as if he has something to do about catching the bomber. HE DID NOT. He is just using a photo op. I guess they figured out that we are tired of seeing Michelle. LOL

    • 7papa7

      ALL thinking people know that he accept credit for thing he did NOT do and blames others for things he did do. He refuses to accept responsibility for his actions. Never has never will because he thinks he is the center of the universe.

  • kbatface

    How SWEET it is to finally see this lying egomaniac’s basement tactics NOT WORK!! This is still the home of the FREE.

    • Shane Lechner

      for how long tho??

      • The Big Easy

        As long as there are AMERICAN CITIZENS that are willing to fight back these pukes that are coming here to ply their trade——CLOSE THE BORDERS——-PUT SHERIFF JOE IN CHARGE OF THE BORDERS————-We need real MEN,not just some ‘butch’ wanna-be—————

        • garycrittenden

          It’s not the American Citizens that worry me: it’s the people WE have elected and allowed to be entrenched in both houses of congress….

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Obama still talks more like a Dictator than a President and sure does not seem to know the difference! So let’s impeach the God hating,Homosexual,Muslim Pig before he does anymore damage

    • Shane Lechner

      hang him till the wind whistles through his sorry ass bones

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Let us wish him many more losses in his efforts to destroy our Republic.

  • freedomringsforall

    What a piece of crap he is

  • LyndenJC

    Speaking of disinformation,,,, has anyone noticed that a list of the firearms used by the Boston bombers and the subsequent squeals for gun-control are completely absent? I mean where are the pictures of the eeeevilllll black rifles and the statements about their having an arsenal? Or did they use firearms? Honestly, I can’t find it.

  • Bignz

    Oh, it’s a long way from over. They’ll just regroup, wait for the next crisis, and start anew attacking our unalienable rights. If they’re nothing, liberals are patient and persistent. They’ve been at it since long before Woodrow Wilson!

  • redwolf6911

    Criminals do NOT get background checks. All internet sales require a background check too. If you do not have a weapons, then I guess your house is a gun free zone. Criminals would likely target yours.

  • ADRoberts

    Cry cry, cry. Now you DON’T rule. LOL. As for 90% of Americans WANTING background checks, IT IS A LIE. Polls are no longer about finding out what we think. It is about wording the questions in a way to GET THE RESULTS THEY WANT.
    If you COULD check out the poll and see the actual question, you and everyone else would understand that 90% is A LIE.
    Do Americans want to prevent violent people from getting guns. YES. Will ANY law passed by congress slow down ANY criminal from getting guns? NO NO NO. Will these laws be used against good citizens? YES. The New York law has already been used at least twice against GOOD people, not criminals.
    Out of 1500 who violated the background checks already, ONLY 44 have had ANY legal action taken against them.
    Americans know this. Americans know that 56 million people were killed in the 20th Century by dictators who FIRST registered, then confiscated, then KILLED 56 million.
    Only fools are in favor of gun control.

  • The Big Easy

    @-pr————–COMRADE——–You still sound like one of those ADULT DIAPER BOYS that has a very heavily soiled ADULT DIAPER that is oooooooozzzzzzzzzzing out all over your ADULT DIAPER BOY BED and yourself.You should get your ADULT DIAPER BOY MOMMIE to give you a CHANGE and be sure that your ADULT DIAPER BOY MOMMIE wipes all that ADULT DIPER DRIBBLE from your mouth————What a puke—————-

  • garycrittenden

    You’re correct. Criminals don’t get background checks because the guns they use are stolen or bought off the street from other criminals….and you use the nytimes to prove your point? As if bloomberg doesn’t control that with his money as he tries to control everything else in that city and state….

  • mac12sam12

    CNN, ABC and CBS? BS. Gallup says 4% were in favor. If you follow MSM you are a gullible POS.

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