OLD SCHOOL: 5 Traits the Modern Man is Missing

Elite Daily – As men, we’re born to possess certain qualities — being ambitious, hard working, confident, and hey, even a bit egotistical. But many men have either forgotten or just don’t care about these traits.

The top five traits that many men have lost throughout the past few decades are:


Nowadays, many men have no confidence. They don’t have passion and don’t go for what they want: be it women, a dream job or anything else they would like to do — they’re stifled by fear.

They just stand by, expecting things to come to them; they act too entitled or have no confidence at all. They don’t even try.

Confidence aside, I love the concept of courage. You possess confidence when everything is fine and you have a reason to embody it.


Many men today don’t know how to work hard, how to give back to the people who gave to them or how to fight for something. Loyalty is key.

It’s our duty as men to be loyal, not only in business, but also in life. If you have met amazing people who have helped you, help them back. Or help other people for no reason.


As men, we’re supposed to be centered. We’re supposed to be the pillars of certainty for others in the world. However, many men don’t take the time to have the life experiences necessary obtain that centeredness.


Many men have lost touch with culture. They’re sloppy, not thorough, they just want to finish things and many times, not even well. They don’t care about the details at work, when speaking or when in public.

We’re supposed to have a purpose, a passion. But after we achieve the former, we’re supposed to have a culture to surround it.


Ambition is passion, and passion is ambition. Many men can’t identify something they love, something they could spend countless hours doing, perfecting their craft. Be it an area of work or an activity, they just wander through life, trying to get by.

True, today’s world is more competitive than ever; jobs are hard to come by. But that’s exactly why men should be reminded of the importance of being ambitious and a having passion.

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  • Gilly

    I love it when you post these articles. I hope people are taking the time to share this gold.

  • Carrie54

    All very true! Seems like men are not what they used to be. This points them to what they were made to be, love it

    • Tony

      You can thank the unintended consequences of militant feminism. Or maybe intended?

      • wallawalla

        Ah yes, another man talking about how he thinks he knows what feminism is. Good job, go back to cleaning your car.

        • Tony

          Read carefully, please. I said MILITANT feminism.

  • garyamusic .

    Metrosexuals and the feminization of the American male. Doug calls it pussifying.

    Please don’t spell check my made up words.

    • wallawalla

      You’re a misogynist.

      • bobwhite

        Garyamusic’s post show no hatred for women. Is your post an intentional Alinsky
        tactic attempting to put Garyamusic on the defensive with your unfounded

      • garyamusic .

        How did you come to that conclusion W?

        • wallawalla

          Here’s how it works. You assume that feminine qualities are inherently bad and unproductive towards society.
          End of story.

          • Paladin67

            Where do you see in garyamusics’ post regarding a “hatred of women”? And nowhere in his post is he stating “that feminine qualities are inherently bad and unproductive towards society.”
            Men are to be men, women (by the way, I think are GREAT!!) are to be women. Does your progressive belief not understand that there is (no matter how you look at it) an actual difference between men and women?
            End of story.

          • garyamusic .

            I assume nothing of the sort and your saying so doesn’t make it so. Females with feminine qualities fantastic! Males with feminine qualities, that’s queer…………….and that is how it works………..W.

          • wallawalla

            Where in anything does it say that’s how it works? Oh, does it go against your bible? Shall I be stoned for knitting?

          • garyamusic .

            I don’t think there’s a mention in the bible about the topic in this conversation, it’s a cultural thing. But hey……….if you would like to knit a pair of little socks for my wife’s golf clubs while your reading your LGBT magazine I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.

          • wallawalla

            I can’t knit, sorry, I’m too busy being a productive member of society. (I actually can’t knit at all)

          • garyamusic .

            Well that’s good (being a productive member) keep it up.

          • wallawalla

            I’ll try, I’ll also remember to not bash other people for their actions with no basis whatsoever.

    • bobwhite

      Don’t worry, Liberals make up words all the time.

  • James

    I agree with most of this article, except I think that government is the cause of these traits disappearing. Most of the time even if you do a good job at work it means nothing. Business has to lay you off according to the Union contract thanks to government labor laws, so the most important thing has become sonority. Again you can be loyal to the company you work for but it means nothing the Union determines who is laid off and who remains. Now some unions have clauses in their contracts that say a certain percentage of minorities muse remain on the job, so that becomes
    the key issue. There are many cases where a person with many years of sonority
    was laid off and a minority kept in order to conform to these union clauses.
    That is why the homosexuals are trying to get all gay right laws passed. They
    want to remain of the job or they will sue for discrimination.

    I do not believe man has lost these traits; they just have been outlawed by our government. There is controversy between the old Theory X and Theory y in business.

  • Ed

    Because of the weed…

  • David

    Men DO NOT become men on their own, they have to have good Godly men of integrity teach them. God is our father and will help us grow up in the manner of his design as to how a man is to behave. We are created to love and to fight against evil.

  • ForrestHorn

    I’m 70 years old, retired/disabled after 20 years with the US Army. Come and tell me to my face that I have no courage. Or tell one of those magnificent young men back from Afghanistan or Iraq that they have no courage. I hope you survive the encounter. :)

    • ImNoDhimmi

      Those “magnificent young men” are the exception, not the rule. No-one is implying they don’t possess loyalty and courage. Thank you for your service, and thanks to them, for theirs.

      • ForrestHorn

        Thank you. I was honored. :)

  • Dempsey Coleman

    I am Offended by this Story! I was born in 1950 I Served my
    Country for 3 years and always wished I could have gotten back
    in the Army Core of Engineers after I learned in Civilian Life how
    to Operate Scrappers, Bulldozers and Front End Loaders. But I
    was turned down because after I got out I discovered My left Knee
    was messed up and got a disability ruling from the VA. I got good
    enough on Bull Dozers my Company sent me to St. Thomas, USVI
    to build a Golf Course called Mahogany Run near Megan’s Bay.
    After I got back I teamed UP with a Friend and learned how to
    Install Ceramic Tile and Marble. I feel in Love with this kind of Work
    so after 15 years as a Heavy Equipment Operator mostly a Dozer
    Operator I switched industries and Spent 28 years in the Tile & Marble
    Industry. I loved Every Day I went to Work. Every Job brought different
    challenges to the Job like When we ran into asbestos We had to stop
    and call someone to remove IT. Every job was Interesting floors had high
    and low spots costing more time to Float the Floors to level them.
    If I had not Loved my Work I do not know what I would have done.
    I do not know how some of you people that can spend day after day
    doing something you do not even want to wake UP for day after day!
    But it takes those Jobs and those People to KEEP AMERICA GOING!!!!!

    • Jjk

      Dempsey, this article wasn’t about real men like you. It’s about so many others that have been robbed of their traditional roles or have succumbed to the PC nonsense and feminists and a Marxist mentality.

  • 48TENN

    “A man must comport himself as a man. He must fight always preferably and soundly with the odds in his favor but on necessity against any sort of odds and with no thought of the outcome.”
    ‘True At First Light’ by Ernest Hemingway, 1999.

  • Alleged Comment

    Wow! Where is godliness? Like the kind you find in the Bible?

    Many men today are GODLESS!!! And I don’t see anything about family or raising one or being devoted to one.

    This article seems to be the creed of a guy walking into a Cabela’s store with his wife’s money!

  • Sam

    The reason our country’s values are going to hell is because the radical left has infiltrated the schools, universities, and the media with Marxist ideals. They have been doing it slowly for decades now. After awhile, people just think it’s normal to live to expect the government to take care of you, abort your babies, and see gays get married. Ever wonder why the cross submerged in urine is protected by the First Amendment but a cross that is not sitting in piss is not protected by that same amendment? This is what I am talking about. Our country doesn’t need to be fundamentally changed. We just need to go back to God and our founding principles. That’s all.

  • armydadtexas

    5. Backbone
    All were left outside once political Correctness and Marxism were allowed in.

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