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  • concern00

    What can I say? Courageously well written. Stand by for the haters and the intolerance brigade.

  • dozr

    OH NOES, people are being intolerant to my intolerance…. boohoo what will I do…. He is a fake hillbilly millionaire. If he loses his job today he will still be better off then most of the people that gives a crap about him being bullied.

    • lildebrarae

      Jealous much?

    • ManOfTheLog

      Mmmm. I smell envy. The air is thick with its stench.

    • T

      dozr: he stood up for what’s right, OK? He stood up to the tolerance tyrants

      • dozr

        so having backwards opinions is now “standing up for what is right”? Conservatives always call me a Liberal and Liberals always call be a Conservative, both groups are racist, both groups think they are better then the other, both groups are being lead around by their noses by the same “people”. They are different heads of the same pile of crap. Bad ideas deserve to be squashed. Good ideas deserve to be promoted. Being afraid of the gays is silly.

    • http://Inquisitr.com/ Wolff Bachner

      perhaps those who claim gays were “born that way” would like to explain why the new Mayor of New York, Bill de Blassio is married to a FORMER LESBIAN. I am curious. LOL.

      • dozr

        she is bisexual… and she is in a monogamous hetero relationship now. apparently it seems that you may think that people cant be faithful in a relationship if they are not straight.

        • http://Inquisitr.com/ Wolff Bachner

          First of all I didn’t say anything about her not being able to be faithful in a relationship.I didn’t comment on the status of her marriage or previous relationship. And secondly, she didn’t identify as bi-sexual, she identified as a “FORMER LESBIEN.”

          • dozr

            Ill give you an upvote,

          • http://Inquisitr.com/ Wolff Bachner

            why thank you, dozr.

          • MikeInMaine

            Go EFF yourself. Is that supposed to make up for your running around on this article’s comments thumbing other conservatives down??? Loser troll.

          • dozr

            I am thumbing stupid slack jaw moron opinions down. If you have something interesting are something I agree with to say you can have an up vote. If you dont like that.. I dont care…

        • MikeInMaine

          See? You morons can’t even come close to comprehending what was written in plain English. Liberalism is a brain disorder. He said NOTHING of the sort. You and your ilk live off from LIES – first told to yourselves because you cannot UNDERSTAND a well-REASONED statement of fact. It is simply that your inability to FATHOM even SIMPLE things leaves you only able to COMPLETELY distort reality (and the context of the message) in your struggle to make sense of what is basic common sense to those of us whose minds work properly (on a higher plane). Sad. Next time, just try really extra hard to stay on topic without assuming, speculating and insinuating things which were never inferred. Good Lord, it must suck to be you.

    • MikeInMaine

      No; he’s not a fake hillbilly millionaire. Why do you have such a desperate NEED to hate on the guy?????? Your comment is very telling – of your idiot liberal (excuse the redundancy) INTOLERANCE of those who think differently than you, AND that you cannot help but to attempt to denigrate him. You’re a sad little FAKE putz. Go screw.

      • dozr

        Does someone have a man crush on Robertson and/or Holyfield? Maybe you should send them a screen shot and see if they will be your friend? I am neither Liberal nor Conservative. Only retards label themselves.

  • wandamurline

    The media also found out really quick how quickly the Christians in America came to the defense of Robertson….Cracker Barrell quickly put back the Duck Dynasty sale items and A*E quickly put Robertson back on air….it was another Chick Filet moment….you see 98% of America does not believe in the lifestyle of the homosexual. It is NOT natural or healthy….it was the cause of the distribution of AIDS in America and it is just plain repulsive. If someone wants to live homosexually, that is their right as a free American, but I do not have to agree with the lifestyle and I have the right to express my feelings also….it is a two way street. I feel sorry for the homosexual….evidentally they are not as happy about their lifestyle….if they were, they would not be trying to make everyone accept it.

    • Unclesam

      Despite the gays claim they were BORN that way, I beg to differ. It is more so a learned activity than anywhere close to natural. It only brings attention to them by mere shock value. It may be a freedom to live as you wish here in America, but I DON’T need to know about their activities anymore than they would want to hear about normal-natural lifestyles. It needs to go back in the closet. They are not special or deserve any special privileges or rights!!

    • TPM

      The LGBT lifestyle is a formula for shortening one’s life and for a myriad of health issues. In short, their activity drives up our health care costs.
      If one is forced to pay more for insurance, because one smokes … shouldn’t a destructive LGBT lifestyle be held to the same standard?
      In some venues, harmful behavior is (even) declared unlawful. Why does the LGBT crowd get a pass? Why is their behavior not just condoned but often protected with special rights?

      • enigmaticaluna

        I HAVE NEVER SEE IT as ” a lifestyle” but in the contrary “dead style” as dead await for them, not in a very compassionate way. It’s less than 1% of gay’s, so why so much noise to force the rest on their way of life? because they don’t see it neither as natural as should be, while they use the word ” gay ” ( happy ) and the color of the rainbow, as also joy, it’s nothing but sadness, bitterness, and unhappiness in high balance. This people is the most pitiful people I have ever encounter in my life.
        I’m one of those that stand my ground, and I have lost people for it, but how can someone “lost something that never have?” so I’m happy to stand up in my convictions. Gay-ism
        is disgusting and sickening. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

      • Homer

        Maybe they should befriend Al Gore and his new means to fight global warming lol.. If you haven’t heard make sure your not drinking anything while reading below

        Al Gore raised eyebrows last week when he suggested that “fertility management” was the key to fighting global warming

  • D S

    The Liberals jumped all over Phil Robertson and applauded his original dismissal. I was talking to a Liberal, I used to work with, and she was just happy as a can be because she read viewership on Duck Dynasty has fallen off. She said Robertson should have kept his mouth shut, and was happy to see the show floundering. What she did not realize was a good share of the viewers were conservative and said they would go elsewhere and boycott A&E, because of the treatment of Robertson by A&E. Also, Robertson has a contract and will be paid, regardless of viewership, until the contract is up, which does not harm Robertson, but does harm A&E, a Liberal media outlet. Liberals are so stupid.

    • PWe72

      Careful D S; I was called “such a clown” on another site for saying essentially the same thing. I’d rather be an Uncle SI Robertson than a Pucker Puss Piers Morgan any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    • Homer

      I haven’t turned to a&e since…

  • ElderAmbassador

    Hello Evander, this is your friend Bill from the old days at the Bakersfield Business Conference. I simply suggest that you follow some advice from General Patton – “Don’t ever let the Bastards see you sweat.” Carry on in your natural convictions and ignore idiots, it’s fun, they just can’t stand being ignored. :)

  • Owl

    Identifying them as “life-partners” setting up house — and a fabulously appointed house it usually is! (see cable’s HGTV) — and raising their pet cats together?
    This article is absolutely correct in that no one really wants to say what homosexuality actually involves. Not to take away from the seriousness of this issue, but I had to chuckle when I read the above sentence. If you had no moral compass, you would think this is what the gay lifestyle looked like. My mom quit watching HGTV because it couldn’t just be about decorating-it had to promote the gay lifestyle and decorating at the same time. But I’m sure HGTV won’t be airing what they do when they are done decorating and raising cats . . .

  • T

    WELL SAID. Me personally, I will never bow down to [edited by moderator], NEVER.
    I was willing to live and let live. But THEY don’t want to live and let live. THE WAR IS ON.

  • WASP

    Wait for the shooting war to start. The intolerant control-freak libtards will experience a up-close-and-personal intolerance that will overwhelm their tiny minds. They’re like anopheles mosquitos. They HAVE to be controlled and occasionally decimated to make the world safe for human beings.

  • enigmaticaluna

    LIKE ALL LIBERALS gays has side with the very one’s that eventually will destroy them… O=BAMA is muslim, and muslims kill, rape, hang gays, they want socialism and communism, they destroy gay’s too… now how stupid is stupid? but in the other hand, stupid does, what stupid is… their emotional balance don’t exist, this is more about their unmoral ways, abuse of children and destroy family values than anything else, it’s out to all of us, to stand up and fight this pieces of dirt back, sending them to where they belong.

    • Ben Name

      that is totally random but I like the way you think!

    • Paladin

      BO is gay, hence his internal conflict with his chosen muslim religion

  • fdleupp

    Homosexuals being fawned over by left-wing media, ignorant public and Hollywood’s “unbalanced,” while using the human being’s beautifully created sewer system, has to be very close to “the end of the age.”

  • sudsy

    This Liberal concurs!

  • AZ Grammy

    YUCK…saying it loud and proud and I don’t give a damn who is offended by it!

  • RLJR1


  • Dyann

    Excellently constructed and rational article, Pastor Pauwels.

    • sjplwc

      Thanks, Dyann. :o)

  • Bob

    The USA has went down hill since the Queers come out of the so called “Closet”.
    It is shown to our young on kiddy TV shows so they will come to accept it as “Normal”.
    If you set down and watch kiddy shows you will see and hear the brain washing and showing our children homosexuality is normal and accepted, Which it is NOT either.
    You all want the same rights as us but really you don’t, You want the world to turn to make you all HAPPY and turn the world over to banging some dude up the rear to be accepted and praised,
    We don’t praise or accept you, not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow.
    Islam is known for back door banging and they prefer little boys.
    It is accepted and praised there, I would like to make the suggestion you all go there and adopt the Muslim religion so what you are doing can be JUSTIFIED, Nothing you do or say here in the Christian world will change our minds.

  • suzyshopper

    Holyfield was right it is a choice, there is no settled scientific evidence that a person is born gay, if there was,all of us so called homophobes, would be hearing about it night and day nonstop 24/7 !!!

  • chuckles

    Being homosexual is not a sin, but the act of homosexuality is a sin. If a homosexual remains chaste, he is no different than me keeping my zipper up other than my wife. The problems come in when a homosexual relents to his temptation and defies Gods Will. It is a sin like any other that must have repentance and you must not rebel from God. The real problem with homosexuality is found in Lev 18:22. The sin of homosexuality defiles the LAND. God warns us that to ALLOW it in our country causes Him to throw us out of the land He gave us. It is a sin above other sins because it affects all of us. Romans 1:30 says we cannot abide sin such as this among us, or WE are as guilty as the sinner. America will fall if we continue to allow this sin to flourish.

  • WayneJ

    Very well written and spot on. Even if it is your desire to accept the sinner and not the sin…..the Bible points out that those who support them will burn as well. Such behavior is the definition of destruction…it is counter to life itself. It cannot propagate. It can only perish….it “is” death.

  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    One drop of sewage in a barrel of wine gives you a barrel of sewage.

  • Duz2600

    No, Chuckles, BEING a homosexual person IS to live with that perverted mindset, that
    would commit any degrading act against society! So, would I hunt with one? NO!

    And the reason is, that the mental state of the ones whom I know is one that cannot be trusted in any way. These, whom I know, as my neighbors, are un-able to make good decisions, act on every personal emotion!

    They lash out, in inappropriate ways at in-opportune times.

    Scary, when in a room full of hunters with our weapons and ammo in our pouches and pockets!

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