• Psychodad

    Every White cop should be wired for video and sound when on duty for their own safety .

    • Scott

      EVERY cop, white, pink, black, green, NO MATTER WHAT!! should be wired with video and sound.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    If this story turns out to be 100% correct & treads water, then good on Officer Wilson for surviving a violent assault by a suspected strong arm perp…

  • lonebear

    If all cops everywhere were mandated to wear body cams, doubt about things like this and about police brutality would not exist. If this is what happened the cop was well in his rights to do what he did.

  • Carline D. Long Jr.

    This account if true backs up how the other video showed Mr Brown acting towards the store clerk he had robbed when he started toward him again as he was leaving. If it is proved that Mr Brown was bum rushing the officer then the accomplice who was with him and told the story of being executed should be charged accordingly!

  • Niku

    Well, that’s worth about nothing. The story might be true, but how seriously are we to take a story that was allegedly told by the policeman to his girlfriend, who told it to this lady, who repeated it here.

    • BigGeezer

      well I’d believe this story a whole lot more than some black eye witness punk.

  • mule man

    And how much is daddy gonna make on this ?

  • Gabrielle Alyse

    Now I’m no expert… but put your arms up as if surrendering and take a look at the locations of the bullet entry wounds on Michael Brown’s body:

  • kazoober

    what the hell is this woman doing on a talk show spilling the beans on what the officer supposedly did. Nobody should trust second hand information. Its like whispering a story to a classroom and by the time the last person hears it, it is nowhere near the first story. This “Josie” should just keep her mouth shut and let the experts figure out what happened.

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