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It May Be Friday, But Sunday’s A Comin’

Every day in this country tensions mount.

Our economy worsens.

Foreign threats increase.

Enemies within reproduce.

Leadership fails.

Hope sinks.

Faced with financial Armageddon, nuclear war, drought, food shortages, natural disasters, pandemics and increasing violence on every front, the top of the news is driven by Stalinist sodomites and sandwiches, a picture of a people and a culture dizzy from swirling around the drain.

The Supreme Court behaves in ways alien to common sense Americans. The Chief Justice, once a self-identified traditionalist, joins the raving ObamaCare mob, an indicator the patients are running the asylum.

Congress appears to be thoroughly infested with idiots, morons and self-serving miscreants, addicted to irresponsible spending and saturated in corruption, incapable of funding the military or passing cyber security measures, or even coming up with a responsible budget for three years running.

The White House, once the People’s House, it’s now occupied by a communist submissive to Islam who believes “fundamental transformation” involves across the board surrender to our enemies, economic suicide, spreading the disease of moral relativism, promoting institutionalized marriage perversion, publicly-funded infanticide and gun running to foreign mercenaries, not to mention providing our enemies with intelligence they can use against us even as he throws our allies to the hyenas.

Meanwhile, city after city files for bankruptcy. States are going belly up. Teen mobs in the hundreds rob stores left and right. Murder and mayhem rise. And the mayors of several cities think it’s their duty to attack private citizens and deny basic civil liberties in an effort to force conformity to the ever-vicious PC agenda.

Then, there’s voter fraud, and government interference with efforts to make sure we can rely on election results. Why would Obama object to states trying to make sure voters are legal and eligible? The explanation is not rocket surgery. The President is being consistent. Voter intimidation and encouraging illegal ballots while underhandedly derailing opposing candidates are his specialties.

If Obama wins re-election, it can only be through illegal means. For seven months in the 12 battleground states polls show most likely voters giving him a failing grade: less than 50% job approval. Reliable polling shows Romney ahead. Reliable polling reveals the vast majority believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, and they hold Obama responsible for this horrendous economy.

Therefore, should Obama “win” re-election, it will be because he pulled the same tricks he used to gain public office in Illinois, the same rotten tactics he used to obtain a seat in the U.S. Senate, the same dirty dealing employed to upend HRC for the nomination, and the same lies and deceptions used to win the Presidency.

Now he is moving to prevent our soldiers from voting, moving to allow illegal immigrants to vote, and conniving to purchase votes with the promise of more giveaways at the same time demonizing Romney with lie after lie, even stooping so low as to deploy Harry “this war is lost” Reid, one of the most despicable reptiles ever to crawl from under a rock in the Nevada desert.

It is terrible to consider, but if Obama wins re-election, this country will be ripped apart. We already distrust government. Imagine the fear and loathing resulting from another four years of Obama. If this two-bit dictator manages to wrest power away from the people even further, can there be any doubt such action will be met with an equal and necessary reaction, such as across the board tax revolts, or even military intervention?

Obama and his grisly gang are aware of the possibilities, hence, various moves to control guns, outlaw online ammo sales, develop a domestic military force (Obama’s private army), increase domestic drone surveillance, push for indefinite incarceration based only on suspicion, investigate the Tea Party using the FBI, use of the DOJ for political purposes, and encouraging race and class warfare. Homeland Security has been very busy the last few years compiling a database of unusual suspects: conservatives, “single-issue” activists (ProLifers), gun and Bible huggers, vets, vocal Christians, and others energetically opposed to When the time comes, it makes it easier to round up the less enlightened among us.

Feathers may be flying at Chick-fil-A, but we ain’t seen nothing yet!

As Ahmadinejad again promises to incinerate Israel, Obama is obviously hell-bent on annihilating the American dream. Imagine a world without the stabilizing influence of the United States, a world dominated by people like Obama and Ahmadinejad.

However, take heart.

There is a new day coming: a revitalized faith in the only Reliable One, providing the best hope for change in the proper direction.

As the famous sermon title holds: “It may be Friday, but Sunday’s a comin’!!!”

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.

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