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Romney Goes All In, Dems Go All to Pieces

For years conservatives decried Republican leaders who insisted moderation was the path to electoral victory. “It’s a center right country!” conservatives yelled. “Run conservatives with a conservative message!” (Rightwing ideologues: Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Madison and the rest of the Founders!)

Moderation has always appeared an apology, a message of weakness and surrender and accommodation, especially in the face of virulent liberalism turned communism. Moderate Republicans only wound up helping Democrats tax and spend the country to ruin.

Until Saturday morning, conservatives were concerned the moderation mentality would again mean defeat.

For all Romney’s great qualities, qualifications, track record of success and uprightness, there remained a sense he was too moderate in too many places to effectively fight tooth and nail with the forces of evil embodied in the present occupant of the White House.

Then came the decision to add Paul Ryan to the ticket, and more. Romney, energized by that decision and the crowds’ response, threw off the restraints and became a warrior. His speeches took on a new tone, a new energy, a new call to action. Within hours, the entire dynamic of the campaign changed, for the better, dramatically. Recognizing this is a battle for the very soul of America, Romney selected an intellectual, a fighter, a patriot, and a statesman, a man who will reassure seniors, attract youth, and confront Obama in tremendously effective ways.

It was time to go bold, declare war, prove his conservative credentials, and take control of the campaign, all in one stroke.

Proofs the Ryan choice was brilliant: conservatives celebrated, huge crowds rallied, and liberals lamented (pretending to celebrate). It was a joy watching David Axelgrease on ABC Sunday morning stumbling over his words, making himself the fool. Even a moderately engaged observer could tell the man was frantic about the Ryan choice, desperate to spin it as playing into Obama’s hands, only to come off the liar full of hemming and hawing. Any number of other wagging tongues rooted in bone followed suit—-Maddow, Beckel, Davis, Wasserman-Schultz, Reid, Pelosi and the “analysts” throughout the Karl Marx News Network.

All one need do to understand the brilliance of the Ryan selection is to watch a few videos on YouTube, provided here for convenience. In them you see the man devastate all comers, including Obama, in debates on the economy, Medicare, the budget, the deficit, the debt and spending:

Paul Ryan: Hiding Spending Doesn’t Reduce Spending ObamaCare evaluation when proposed 6 min.

Congressman Ryan Responds to Misguided Attacks on Roadmap Takes on four at once 9 min.

Paul Ryan Destroys Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in Obamacare Debate Gov’t funding abortion 2 min.

Paul Ryan Takes Chris Matthews “To School” On Deficits and Taxes 3 min.

Ryan to Geithner – Why propose a budget you admit is not credible, not sustainable? 4 min.

The truth is the country is on the edge of financial catastrophe. Unless we balance the budget, cut federal spending (real cuts, not just slow the growth of spending), reduce the deficit, deal with debt, and free up free enterprise, Leftists will destroy Medicare, and the entire country. (The dead don’t need healthcare.)

If you want to help Obama turn this country into a demoralized, lazy, lackluster socialist state run by oligarchs who destroy liberty and with it all incentive and inspiration, then vote for the tin horn dictator.

If you love your country and want to support honest leadership promoting real solutions in support of liberty, side with Romney/Ryan.

It is as clear as day, as obvious as the snarl on Joe Biden’s lips, and as apparent as Obama’s forked tongue.

Bonus video: Rep. Paul Ryan: U.S. Needs Prosperity Not Austerity

Bonus quip: RR stands for Ronald Reagan. It also stands for Romney/Ryan.

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Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.

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