Presidential Propaganda — You Can’t Kill the Truth

Written by Allan Erickson on September 28, 2012

An inescapable fact of life: the truth eventually comes out.  It is remarkable how seemingly intelligent and educated people fail or refuse to recognize that truth.

Another irrefutable truth: frequently your enemy will tell you the truth while your friend conceals it.

From thousands of bellowing throats to millions of Muslim ears we have heard for many years very straightforward words, chanted endlessly by children and old people and everyone in between:

“America is the Great Satan!”
“Death to America!”
“Death to Israel!”
“Islam will dominate the world!”
“Behead those who insult Islam!”

Credible studies based on documented voting patterns and polling data tell us tens of millions of Muslims chant these words, believe them in their hearts, and endorse the call to jihad.  There are about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, roughly 23% of the world’s population.   Mr. Obama is right when he says America will never be at war with Muslims. Who wants to fight 1.6 billion people?  Most Muslims want what we want: peace, and a chance to raise their kids in relative health and prosperity.

The trouble comes with the tens of millions who want to kill us.

Do they want to kill us because of an internet rumor about a video supposedly insulting the Prophet?  You have to be mad or oblivious to believe such bilge. Yet that is precisely what this President encourages: belief in an untruth, an untruth that contradicts the clear lessons of history, and the expressed objectives of those tens of millions. 

American media likewise wants us to believe a myth, that the attacks starting in Egypt and Libya two weeks ago were provoked by a video trailer, not the actual movie, but a You Tube trailer, one that had been posted for quite some time. 

We are supposed to believe these attacks came because somebody allegedly produced an insulting video.  We are not to believe officials in Libya and Egypt who now tell us the attacks were planned in advance to occur on 9/11, not a date one chooses randomly.  It was also reported attackers chanted “We are all Osama!”  Sounds like they had other motives contradicting the official line.

Truth is being revealed.

As with the Ft. Hood shootings, our President would have us believe the attacks on our embassies in 30 countries are chiefly instances of workplace violence sparked by a video? 

The truth will out, and our enemies often tell a more accurate story. 

The truth is these attacks are the result of 1,300 years of indoctrination converging with an Obama administration escalating with drones; yet projecting weakness while bragging endlessly about killing Osama; even as it worked to undermine allies to spark the so-called Arab Spring.  Those truths cannot be hidden by this bogus claim a video started the troubles.  Those truths cannot be concealed by so-called friends when enemies are so explicit. 

Leadership without credibility is impotent.  Leaders who intentionally deceive always fail, miserably.

Was there ever a more miserable failure than the present “leadership” in the White House?

And now we learn it is quite possible the video was produced by terrorists in a false flag operation to spark protests as cover for terror attacks on embassies and consulates.
Meanwhile, the FBI continues to investigate Benghazi from afar, and the crime scene at the U.S. Consulate is thoroughly contaminated after two weeks of exposure to CNN reporters and others. Gross incompetence by the Obama administration on every front is a gross understatement. 

Image: Propaganda Poster of Lenin; “Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live!” (From a poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky); public domain

Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.