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BEWARE: Post-election Temptations

In the aftermath of Obama’s victory, there is an awful temptation to react in extreme ways: throw in the towel, or ratchet up hyper-opposition.
We can afford neither. 
Giving up is for cowards.  
Over-reacting with louder objections, or more dramatic opposition, are losing games.  If some are led to demonstrate in the streets, register voters, run for office, or confront the slothful in the pews, so be it. 
Yet, our central mission must be to evangelize those who have been so grievously deceived.
To be sure it is clear we now live in a radically divided country evenly split between traditional Americans and others who don’t seem to possess even a slight understanding of what it takes to create and sustain liberty.  Though he denied the Red/Blue reality in ’08, Obama has devoted his life to aggravating and encouraging division, then exploiting it.
This is what his followers seem to miss entirely.  They follow a man who says one thing, then acts 180 degrees out of phase.  He talks patriot talk, but walks the communist walk. He talks national security, but walks submission, surrender and defeat. He talks limited government, and walks expansion.  He talks fiscal responsibility, and walks bankruptcy.  He talks unity, and sows division.
Our job in the days ahead will be to point out these realities with facts and logic, hoping to persuade Obama’s followers that his path is paved with deception and false promise, leading to destruction.  Our quest must be to educate his disciples in the ways of liberty and justice, for all.
It is also clear we can never again embrace the losing formula of running lukewarm conservatives, liberals who try to talk conservatism, or moderates who simply want to be nice.  We need true Red conservatives who preach traditional Americanism, inspired individuals who run full bore on platforms articulating founding principles and traditional morality:
— limited government promotes liberty
— capitalism provides the greatest prosperity for all and undergirds liberty
— free markets and free trade to provide for that prosperity and liberty
— state’s rights as the foundation of the Constitution, decentralizing power, and keeping The People in charge
— strong national defense, balanced budgets, financial responsibility to preserve and promote the whole
— reductions in government spending and a renewed emphasis on individual responsibility
— traditional morality
We must argue forcefully against abortion and same sex marriage as both are destructive to individuals and society at large.  We must do so without malice but take our stand aggressively nonetheless.  Our opponents are right to call us weak for backing down and cowering in the face of their onslaughts.  There is and will always be a vast difference between right and wrong. Either we stand for right all the time all the way, or we stand for nothing.
America is the only hope for peace and stability in the world.  We rose from nothing based on simple, clear principles: our rights come from God, He is our fortress, obeying and honoring the God of love blesses everyone, citizen and foreigner alike, and the role of government is essentially a matter of securing our rights, and providing protection.  Every time we have strayed from these few clear principles, we have paid the price, as we are doing now, and will do for the next four years.  The price just got markedly higher. 
Our financial house will crumble.  More businesses will go belly up.  Depravations will increase. The government will grow and become more intrusive, and with every interference and usurpation, government will erode the foundations of liberty.  Enemies foreign and domestic with a friend in the White House, will chip away at the walls and the foundations. As we drift further from the God of love, our love for one another will grow cold, and rancor will increasingly replace reason. 
Through all of this we will be tempted to exact vengeance, which is not our place.  
The Judge of the universe will repay.
Our job until then is to stand, and “having done all, Stand.”  

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.