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Atheists Need Their Own “Nothingness” Holiday

Nothing_ArizonaBy Cmdr. Tom Garcia
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

On December 25th we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Since the beginning of celebrations in the U.S., people have combined pre-Christian winter celebrations such as a Christmas tree, decorating the home, and exchanging gifts.

Recently in Santa Monica, in the true spirit of Christmas (not), various atheist groups complained about the 60 year tradition of church groups putting up Nativity scenes in Palisades Park. So the city council did the only thing they could — they let the atheists put up anti-Christian signs.

The desire of the atheists to have us be rational and tolerant of their lack of belief has turned them into completely intolerant and irrational people. They want us to stop all reference to God and religion and remove all religious symbols from public property. But what does that then make public property? Godless. The total lack of religion from public life is in itself the promotion of atheism.

I’m going to say this again because it is important. If there is anything you take away from this article, this is it: The removal of all mention of God, all symbols of religion and discussion of religion from public property and public discourse is in itself an action of promoting a religion, i.e., atheism.

So why do they get to promote their lack of beliefs but we can’t promote our beliefs? And how did they get so irrational and intolerant?

I believe their irrationality has grown because of one factor. Political correctness. Atheists have been around for a long time and always seemed to be tolerant if not silent about religion. But political correctness has opened the door for any group, large or small, that feels it is not in the main stream of American life to demand toleration even if their demands are intolerant.

Atheists have been watching the effectiveness of political correctness and now want a piece of the action. They are tired of sitting on the sidelines watching us celebrate while they have nothing to celebrate. It’s just not fair. We have something and they don’t. What we have is worth celebrating. What they have is not. They literally have NOTHING to celebrate.

Nothing-blackSo political correctness is the vehicle for atheists to compensate for the jealousy they may have always felt, but didn’t know how to express. Jealousy combined with political correctness has led them to irrationally insist on promoting their lack of belief in the middle of one of our religious holidays. Why can’t they promote it on their special day? I’ll tell you why: because they don’t have a special day. How do you celebrate nothingness and why would you? In fact, they don’t have an official symbol for atheism. It’s ironic that no symbol is the perfect symbol for nothingness.

So with no special day, no symbols, no beliefs, they now jealously, yet in a politically correct way, attack our special days, special symbols and special beliefs. And they have to do it on our special day because nobody would pay attention any other time. It’s hard to get people to pay attention to nothing and the message of nothing.

Imagine if you and your next door neighbor had very different political views to the point of not taking to each other. And let’s say tomorrow is his birthday and he’s having a party with lots of friends over to the house. Would you go to the trouble to put up political signs in your yard protesting his flawed positions on his birthday for all to see? On his birthday? It wouldn’t be very nice and would just make you look like an ass.

And this is what atheists are making themselves look like when they feel compelled to attack religion on religious holidays. So I have a suggestion. Why don’t you folks get organized and pick a day that no one else is using to promote your … well, your nothing. I promise I won’t waste any time countering you on your special day. Design some symbols that express Godlessness and we won’t stop you from putting them on public property for your holiday. If you want to draw people to your exhibits, I suggest you make them cheery and warm. Make them thought provoking and full of hope. It’s worked for us.

Of course this means that you’re going to have to think outside the box, because Godlessness isn’t exactly a recipe for hope and comfort. You could stick with “This is it. It doesn’t get any better and there is no future.”

Of course you won’t be recruiting very many new lack-of-belief members that way. But just think, you would now have your own holiday! Instead of focusing on spoiling other people’s holidays, you could focus on developing your holiday along with special activities and decorations. You could work on building the traditions of your lack of belief. You could work on teaching others the importance of Godlessness.

Of course you may not want to go down this path. Establishing yourselves as a part of the mainstream of American tradition opens you up to the intolerant and irrational wrath of political correctness. Tolerant versus intolerant, what feels better? You’ll have to choose atheists: How jealous are you?

Image: Nothing, Arizona, in relation to an article about this place on wikipedia; author: Skarori; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Tom Garcia is a retired Navy fighter pilot and the host of The American Hour Radio Show.