Newtown, CT Massacre – Broken Hearts, Broken Minds, Broken Lives

Written by Allan Erickson on December 20, 2012

SandyHookBookMany kinds of broken hearts,
All deep searing pain,
Yet none so devastating as seeing
The innocent slain.

Another atrocity, this one worse than any before.  Little kids. And a good deal more little ones dispatched since 1973, ones who never made it to school.
In the end it doesn’t matter if the shooter was mentally ill.  It doesn’t matter if he bought the guns or stole them.  It doesn’t matter if gun control laws in Connecticut are sufficient. 

Image: Courtesy of Nevit Dilmen found at Wikimedia commons; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

The full version of this column is now only available in Doug Giles’ book, “Sandy Hook Massacre: When Seconds Count, The Police Are Minutes Away”.

Allan Erickson
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