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Umm, Is That TEACHER Carrying a Firearm …?

6a00d8341c60bf53ef017ee6545837970d-600wiTake a look at this photo: a gun-toting Israeli teacher, accompanying and standing guard over her young charges. This image is provided courtesy of the Atlas Shrugs website, where it is noted: “Israeli teacher provides protection for her children … in America, we provide condoms (photo hat tip Quincy).”

Jack E. Kemp offers some further thoughts on this over at

When I visited Israel in the 1990s, I recall walking by a Tel Aviv grade school that had a man carrying an Uzi submachine gun, standing guard over the children at play outside. Yesterday Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs had a photo of an Israeli woman grade school teacher carrying a rifle slung over her shoulder as she accompanied her children outside the school. As Pamela’s caption reads, in Israel, they provide (armed) protection. In the US, they provide condoms.…

There was a time in the frontier West when most women knew how to load and shoot a gun. Many women in the South were and are also adept with guns. Come to think of it, the left is always making an issue of women in the military being given greater combat related assignments. Here is a combat related assignment in the “home guard,” a mission that any mother or woman acting in place of a mother can relate to: protecting the lives of her children …

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