Former Muslim Leaves Catholicism Because Of Its Weak Stance On Islam

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 26, 2013

download2Magdi Christiano Allam, born in Egypt, publicly converted to Christianity under the supervision of the Pope during Easter of 2008. Although he has confirmed that he will remain a Christian, Allam recently left the Catholic Church because of it’s weak stance against Islam. Allam is astounded that the Church has legitimized every other religion, especially the “inherently violent” Islamic faith. It is because of this, Allam says, that the Church is aiding in the ultimate Islamization of Europe. He says his decision had nothing to do with the election of Pope Francis, as he had already made up his mind beforehand.

Allam has also lambasted the Church for not standing with their persecuted brothers and sisters in Muslim countries. Most likely, the Church justifies their lack of action as a form of seeking peace with Muslims in order to later convert them. On the other hand, Allam and those who think like him (even Muslims in this case) view the Church’s silence as a form of appeasement and submission to Muslims.

Do you agree with Allam?

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