Bombing Shows Our Leadership Is Weak, and Stupid

Written by Allan Erickson on April 28, 2013

KeystoneKopsObama gives Osama new life.

The Russians of all people warned us over and over about the radicalization of the older brother.  The FBI had been watching him for years.  They even questioned him.  He was out of the country for six months, most likely learning the terror craft.  We didn’t even know when he came back to the U.S.

Known.  Identified.  Warned.  Followed.  Interrogated.  And still he slipped through to murder four and injure upwards of 265 people, 30 of whom lost limbs.  Who is responsible, other than the Tsarnaevs and those helping them? 

One is reluctant to blame the CIA or the FBI given the tremendous job they’ve done over the years, thwarting at least 50 attacks.  But there can be little doubt the Department of Homeland Security (Napolitano), the Department of Justice (Holder), and the White House are largely responsible.  Domestic attacks have escalated in recent years.  Intelligence communities have been hamstrung.  Security has been compromised, enemies encouraged.

When you project weakness and indicate a willingness to accommodate instances of “workplace violence“, is it any surprise enemies escalate?  When you think and act the fool refusing to call this terrorism what it is, and instead refer to is as “human caused catastrophe“, is it any wonder enemies take advantage, attacking on all fronts? When you accuse innocent Americans at every turn, and turn a blind eye toward real perpetrators, can anyone have confidence in leadership?
In the wake of this bombing American leadership is shown weak and stupid.  But there’s more, much more.

The Tsarnaevs came here under false pretenses, it is reported.  They claimed they were being persecuted, a fiction apparently.  We fast tracked the immigration process as a result, granting them asylum.  Obviously our legal immigration process is weak, and stupid.

Once here, they enjoyed all the “benefits“.  They received welfare and education benefits and planned to kill us.  Of course we cannot find out the details now because our leaders say that is a right to privacy matter.  Weak, and stupid.

The mother is wanted for shoplifting expensive clothing.  She got away from us and now enjoys celebrity status on the terrorism stage.  More cause for doubting our leaders and their competence.

The younger Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect now costing taxpayers a king’s ransom, is a citizen, enjoying the full rights and benefits of citizenship, including the right to remain silent, even though there may very well be a third suspect at large.  

The law states even a citizen can be interrogated by the FBI if it is determined that is necessary to protect the public.  Interrogation was making headway, under law, until DOJ officials barged in and put a halt to it by reading the suspect his Miranda rights.  He clammed up.  No more intelligence gathering. Public at heightened risk.  Again, weakness and stupidity in the Executive Branch.

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Allan Erickson
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