Move Over, Mommy Dearest: This Mother Blows You Away

Written by Audrey Russo on April 28, 2013

MB900446036Islam, stealing from Jewish Law and tradition, commands its followers to stay away from Pork … but it would be impossible to tell that from the Hammy performance given by the mommy of the cold-blooded Boston Marathon Jihadists. I turned the sound off, reviewing the clip of her “press” conference from Russia … and it reminded me of some of my acting studies of Silent Film … it was pathetic overacting. But sadly, in her case, we have talkies now … and she has the vexatious voice of Latka’s wife, Simka, from the sitcom Taxi.

But it appears that this woman is more than a bad actor with an annoying voice … she may have been the one who encouraged her sons to become devout jihadists.

Approximately one and a half years ago, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva was added to the classified intelligence database known by the acronym TIDE at the CIA’s request. She purportedly become more militant in her Muslim faith about the same time as her son, Tamerlan Tsarnaev … now dead for his barbaric acts. Both the Democrat head of the House Intelligence Committee (Ruppersberger) and the Republican Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee (McCaul), said the mother needs to be investigated because she had a role in the jihadist training of her sons.

During her hyperbolic press tirade, Zubeidat said she wouldn’t be coming to the US to pick up her son’s body. Guess why! Well, charges await her for shoplifting from Lord & Taylor (hmm … isn’t Lord & Taylor (infidel-wear) Haram?). I guess that’s where her 2 sons learned to steal…

Even though she didn’t do it!! Just like her sons, who didn’t do it!! She’s on tape and they’re one tape … but they were ALL set-up by those rascally kafir!!

Yeah, my Aunt Fanny…

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