Move Over, Mommy Dearest: This Mother Blows You Away

Written by Audrey Russo on April 28, 2013

I believe we’re looking NOT at a family, but at a brood of barbarians, that came to our shores NOT to be a blessing, as millions have in America’s history, but rather to be a bloody bane to the innocent. And tragically, they did a damn “good” job.

The hatred that mommies like Zubeidat indoctrinate their young with, via the Quran, will be the curse upon any that naively trust the devout followers of this ideology. It’s a loathing that continues to be perpetuated as you read this … in the Madrassas, the Islamic-controlled media and Mosques globally.

But worst of all … the one created to nurture, heal and encourage for good … has betrayed the REAL Creator and foisted her offspring upon innocent people to please a ghoulish god and his savage, self-proclaimed prophet.

So, I think it’s fair to say: Move over, Mommy Dearest … this mother blows you away…

Shalom through strength…

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