Barbara Walters: Is Kate ‘Too Posh to Push’ and Other Pressing Issues?

Written by Jeannie DeAngelis on May 29, 2013

Barbara_Walters_2011The ABC icon Barbara Walters is ending her career in 2014. On her way out, one week after British soldier Lee Rigby was hacked to death by an Islamic terrorist, Babs decided it was imperative to do a 20/20 episode entitled “Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition.”

The Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, due in mid-July, is apparently more newsworthy and a whole lot less depressing than Lee Rigby’s son Jack growing up without his father. The Barbara Walters’ special, “Bringing Up Baby”, or as I like to call it, BUBS, featured the 83-year-old gossip icon, fresh off a bout of shingles, snooping around Great Britain gathering need-to-know facts, such as, Kate is “too posh to push.”

That’s right, around the time beheaded machine gunner/2nd battalion drummer Lee Rigby was being laid to rest in his military uniform, Barbara conveyed the important news that Kate Middleton wore a bargain-priced polka-dot Topshop frock as a maternity dress when she toured the Harry Potter studios. While in London, Babs also uncovered – so to speak – the name of the “royal gynecologist, Dr. Alan Farthing,” and looked through outfits designed by Marie-Chantal, a royal relative and designer known for sewing angel wings on baby clothes.

The most interesting tidbit of the “Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition” was finding out from Victoria Murphy of the Daily Mirror that the baby, if it’s a girl, to avoid comparisons, will not be named Diana. Then, Daisy Goodwin author of My Last Duchess said that if it were a boy, even though Mohammed is the most common name in Britain right now, the baby would probably not be named Mohammed. Seeing as how Muslims make up only 5% of the British population that means followers of Mohammed are proliferating at a much higher rate than parents with kids named Harry.

Which makes one wonder why, just one week after a British soldier was hacked to death on a London street with a meat cleaver by an Islamic terrorist, intrepid reporter Barbara Walters chose to talk to London bookies about what date Will and Kate’s baby could be born.

Then, just as royal baby fever was gaining momentum, Barbara Wawa’s baby buzz was suddenly stifled.  After the death of Lee Rigby, Dame Stella Rimington, the 78-year-old former head of Britain’s MI5, suddenly called on the public to be the “eyes and ears” for a government that is too busy with royal baby business to pay attention to implications associated with the decline in the number of Harrys occupying bassinets in maternity wards.

Also a spy fiction author, Rimington issued the warning at the annual arts/literature Hay Festival, which Bill Clinton once called “the Woodstock of the mind.”  A la Saul Alinsky, “The festival gathers people together to think about the world as it is and to imagine how it might be.”  Rimington, after acknowledging “The enemy is everywhere,” did Alinsky proud when she advocated for a re-imagined world that solves terrorism by establishing a police state.  

Dame Stella’s “enemy is everywhere” concession confirmed that what Britain is experiencing is, indeed, jihad.  The problem is that, despite the warning, it’s more plausible to re-imagine a world where royal gynecologist Dr. Alan Farthing writes a tell-all than one in which intelligence gatherers actually acknowledge that a terrorist is a terrorist.

Nonetheless, Rimington did stress that further terror attacks are unavoidable. What Dame Stella chose not to mention were the large numbers of baby Mohammeds being born or the need to stop feeding the insatiable PC beast; instead, her suggestion to fix the problem was to foster a false sense of security by placing freedom ahead of liberty.

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