Bullies, Cowards and Benghazi, Oh My!

Published on May 12, 2013

Benghazi4Stephanie Janiczek
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

When the US compound in Benghazi Libya was attacked, and four Americans were butchered by a group now well-known to be Al Qaida terrorists, the biggest cover-up in US history began to unfold. Anyone who has watched the news, seen the photos and video of the compound being burned, Ambassador Christopher Stevens being dragged, knows the facts without even having to do much investigation. It is live on tape and the Libyans were posting it on their Facebook pages. The problem is what occurred in Washington.

When Greg Hicks informed Hillary Clinton of the compound being attacked and the Ambassador was asking for help, she immediately defaulted to the story of a little known anti Islam video and made up a story about a riot in reaction to the video. It was a video no one saw until she and Barack Obama started crowing about it publicly. Hicks told her it was terrorism, assumed she would address the attack as such and when he criticized State Department talking points he was not only dressed down, he was demoted. Thus began a very long drawn out effort by the administration of bullying the people who knew what had happened and were appalled at the lies being told of bullying and intimidation.

And what of the man who made the video? One could almost call him a political prisoner. He did nothing wrong but was arrested because the Administration needed a scape goat. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both told family members that “they’d make sure the video producer was arrested.” And both knew it was terrorism and not a spontaneous demonstration over a video. They looked at families that had just lost husbands, brothers, sons and Dads and lied to the in their faces without even blinking. Then Hillary, upon being confronted with the death of her employee Chris Stevens, at a congressional hearing makes the statement that truly defines these people’s mind set, “What difference does it make?” It makes a difference to their families, our military and the American people, Madam. She will live to eat those words.

Then we have Mitt Romney commenting. Of course the mainstream media press were appalled he would criticize and ultimately hold Obama accountable for what had occurred in Libya. People are not educated nor understand the whole idea of “The buck stops here”. Ultimately Barack Obama is responsible for Steven’s death, the death of Sean Smith, Stevens’ assistant, and two former Navy Seals, Glenn Doherty and Tyrone Woods who dared to try to save the compound and the ambassador.

When there is no status of forces agreement between countries, the only person who can give a go ahead for a cross border incursion of any kind is the President of the United States. Romney knew it then. Of course, he could have used the knowledge he had about Benghazi and he had a lot more than we did because he was being briefed by the CIA as per his position as presidential challenger. Why on earth did he not step up and swing for the bleachers?

The RNC had this advertisement ready to roll and they declined to run it. Watch it carefully. It’s the right hook to the jaw that would have sent Obama reeling. Now why did they not run it?

I believe that people in politics, the higher up they go the bigger cowards they are, especially on the GOP side. Gone are the days of intrepid congressmen who hang onto their seats by a thread yet go on and do the right thing. Gone are the days when a Speaker of the House goes eye ball to eye ball with a President. Gone are the days of an RNC chairman who is less worried about his party and politics and more worried about his country.

On the other side is a gang of thugs, bullies and cowards of a different sort. They say whatever they want about the right; even moderate Republicans are painted with a veneer of slime by the left and its media minions. They know that the top dogs in the GOP are terrified to thrown down for fear of looking like thugs themselves. Or worse they call their opponents racists. That’s the verbal smear the left holds above every GOP candidates head as long as they allow it to. But a bully is always a bully until the victim who is being bullied decides to get serious and throw down.

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