Obama Scandals? President Has Plausible Deniability! — Jay Carney Says So.

Written by Pauline Wolak on May 16, 2013

And this is — we have seen from the press reports the information about attempts to seek phone records from the Associated Press and we’re not involved in those decisions, and we can’t comment on an ongoing criminal investigation for reasons that I think — I know that maybe the question was rhetorical — but I think are pretty apparent to everyone who’s covered these things over the years.

The term plausible deniability is flashing like a neon sign in my head. Of course he’s not going to seek out information. Of course he’s going to go to bed the night Chris Stevens dies instead of staying up all night for updates. Of course he’s not going to call Eric Holder and ask him what the hell is going on at the Justice Department. President Obama, like Hillary Clinton, has an easy out. “I had no idea…”

Which is worse; willful ignorance or the inability to control your administration?

I’m confident answers will come this time. (It’s best not to piss off the media that was actually on your side, Mr. President). In the meantime, we’ll continue to be dazzled by the sparkling wit of Jay Carney.

After Tuesday’s press briefing, I have a couple of suggestions for Jay.

1. Never use the word “unfettered” again. Ever. The twelve times you used it in the briefing were about twelve times too many. (Yes, I counted).

2. Find another job. Please. These briefings make me miss Tony Snow more than ever.

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