EVERYTHING IS RACISM: American Idol Losers Say Judges Booted Them Because They Were Black, File $25M Suit

Published on July 26, 2013

Ten former contestants from Fox’s hit talent series “American Idol” are suing the show for a minimum of $25 million each because they believe they were unjustly booted because they’re black.

According to TMZ, the contestants are accusing producers of using contestants to boost ratings by illegally digging up their arrest histories and using the records to humiliate them on national TV.

Included in the suit are Corey Clark, Jaered Andrews, Jacob John Smalley, Donnie Williams, Terrell Brittenum, Derrell Brittenum, Thomas Daniels, Akron Watson, Ju’Not Joyner and Chris Golightly.

Their lawyer claims the show made his clients appear to be “violent criminals, liars and sexual deviants,” and that no white people were ever questioned about alleged criminal pasts, TMZ reported.

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